Protest against the Afghanistan War, Bristol, Aug 8th

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Big_Harvey, Jul 13, 2009.

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  1. We are organising a protest on Saturday August the 8th in Bristol against the war in Afghanistan.

    As a tax payer I refuse to contribute to an illegal war for much longer.

    Troops out.


  2. Fook off throbber
  3. I like nukes and eating babies.
  4. Thats about the sort of response I would expect from a semi literate Squaddie.
  5. Sorry, what paper did you say you worked for again? :wink:

  6. I would rather be a semi literate anything, than a treehugging tw@.
  7. Seems like a reasonable request, lets have a link to your Facebook group page so I can add my support mate.
  8. Do one pointy head twat, it's because of people like us you have the right to protest in the first place!
  9. By 'eck Harv, you have been online petition and now an antiwar march, all organised in one day.

    And in Bristol too? Well that's gonna get the politicians attention an no mistake.

    Should think Downing Street are all a quiver now they know you're on the case
  10. UK troops are in Afghanistan under a full and mission specific UN Resolution under Article VII of the UN Convention.

    It's as legal as it can possibly be.
  11. I pay tax and go to war. Do I get a prize?
  12. This tool is called Brian Harvey, and he is a mong.

    Here is his website which focuses on the facinating world of Pylon spotting:

    Edit: On checking- Not his website. He is made mention of only.
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  14. Is the old women who stands on the corner by the Hippodrome with a stop the war sign ( well only if rain isn't forecast) going to be there? If she is I'll come along, just to see if she's in fact stuffed or not
  15. I know one when I see one . . . Wwwwaaaahhhh!