Protest Against Geert Wilders

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CaptainPlume, Oct 16, 2009.

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  1. At it again...(clicky)

    I presume the demonstrators had applied for the necessary permit to hold a rally around Westminster. Presumably those who did not will be arrested along with those inciting violence against (the ghastly) Wilders?
  2. Bloody hell! If they do manage to bring Sharia to the whole world then i'm assuming that's Donkey fiddling out of the window! Sigh.
  3. No, I believe the donkey fiddling will be mandatory so you should be ok!
  4. Thin end of the wedge isn't it?
  5. Does it have be your own donkey or can you hire one.? :twisted:
  6. Had to chuckle at this comment;
    A Home Office spokesman on Friday said, "We are disappointed by the court's decision. The government opposes extremism in all its forms." Apparently not those extremists demonstrating outside parliament though?
  7. Bloody immigrants, coming here spouting their radical ideas - trying to tell us British how to do things. We should send all of 'em back where they came from.

  8. Apart, of course, from extreme abuse of the expenses system.
  9. Funny old game, protesting. On one hand you've got

    And then you've got

    Which is kinda extremist itself, no :?
  10. Kinda proves Mr Wilders is right really! They condemn themselves with their own words and their own actions.
  11. I am all for bringing Sharia to the whole world.

    Have you seen her in the "Hips Dont Lie" video ??, what a chassis on her.
  12. Gouda or Edam?
  13. Looking at the news it wasn't exactly a moderate of the chaps on there even looked dressed up to go and have a candle lit cave dinner with the Taliban

  14. You noticed that too, one of them was holding a sign saying "Sharia law in the Netherlands".

    Say it ain't so.......where will I get my "specialist reading material" from. :D