Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by scouser06, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. just bought some but on it it says take when ever and doesnt say how many times a day you should take it any one know?
    I looked around the net a bit and most places say if your just strating to go the gym you only realy need to take it 30 mins befor your workout.
  2. TAKE IT AFTER WORKOUT. also take calcium supplements as excessive protein is detrimental to calcium levels. what is your current protein intake? what is your protein intake goal? do the maths.

    You need to take 1-1.5g of protein per pound of bodyweight to enable mass building, backed up by sufficient total calories and correct training. insufficient calories - no growth.if you want muscle gains you will also gain fat. FACT. you gain then cut gain then cut. after several cycles you will be biggger, have more lean mass, but is that what you want?

    mass building is not the same as strength building, and excess mass would be an unwelcome byproduct for most soldiers who have to run around with all that extra weight. you will also lose those extra gains after 6 months in basra!

    why do you want to take protein supplements? change your diet first and get decent quality food down your neck before you waste your money on powders. Do you think pro bbuilders dont eat well, as well as take shitloads of roids? most powders and supplements are gimmicks to make profits, and routines in bbuilding mags are based around what you go do on gear.

    take a look at for some good advice
  3. Why pay over the odds for protein? The doctor has advised Mrs Puttees that she has excess protein in her wee. Surely we can come to some mutually beneficial arrangement.
  4. You really need to be taking one serving in the morning, one at night and one AFTER exercise DO NOT take any before you excercise.

    Alot also depends on if you are doing general cardio or body building as to how much you take. Protein supplements are exactly that supplements they are simply to be used in conjunction with a good diet.
  5. You'll probably see the biggest fitness and strength gains you've seen in your life during basic training, yet normally you'll be be eating a low quality sh1t sandwich... at best.

    A more "scientific" approach is all well and good, but real fitness comes from beasting yourself, or better yet, being beasted.

    Stick to 3 square meals a day while you prepare, that's the best practice for basic. Fcuk all this supplement malarky.
  6. In that case you can have all the protein you like for free- get yourself down Clapham common son. :wink:
  7. Olddearhunter, the object of the excercise is to offer practical advice, and not to impress everybody with ostensible knowledge!
    The fact of the matter is that "man", in what we call "modern society, is surprisingly devoid of the knowledge necessary to say we even understand more than (at the very most) ten percent of what happens inside our own bodies.
    The question was about protein intake and I have the following to offer:
    I've been a vegan for the best part of forty years, part of which were spent in the British Army as a high-performance gymnast and track athlete. I've always supplemented my diet with soy protein.
    Olddearhunter maintains that a supplement of 1-1.5g per pound body weight is necessary to exhibit growth, even though the measure should be per kilo body weight. As such, I serously doubt whether olddearhunter really knows what he's talking about.
    It's been known for "normal" people to radically gain muscle-mass on a completely normal diet and just lifting rocks. In addition, the so-called experts differ widely on the range of additional protein that has to be taken to trigger muscle growth - this range being between 0.5 to 2.0 grams per kilo to gain appreciable muscle mass. Not a good sign, eh?
    Which means that nobody knows exactly what they're talking about and everybody's keen to diss any opinion opposing them. This is true for all sciences
    Thus, my personal advice to scouser06 (for what it's worth, but gained from personal experience) would be: take 25g of soy protein (obtainable from Holland and Barret - a ten-spot for 980g) in the morning with your brekkers and the same again with your evening meal every day, whether you're training actively or not. If it's too much, you're body will get rid of it.
    Trust your body to do the right thing by you. Learn to "listen" to your body - it'll tell you the right thing at the right time.


    Edited coz I'm really a mong speller at times!