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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by mcclurg, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Just started trying out some whey protein for after exercise, but the stuff I got is pretty mingin (Maximuscle diet or something). Any advice on either nice tasting supplements, or things you can do to make it taste better?

    Also finding big lumps of it, no matter how much stirring I do.. it's a bit of a pain.

    I've tried both water and milk with it, with milk being FAR superior.

    Cheers in advance for replies.
  2. I'm on some USN stuff at the moment, its gleaming.
  3. Are you using Whey protein, or Whey protein isolate?

    The Isolate is much better, taste is the same though. Gopping.
  4. Get a shaker. Suddenly most shakes mix well.

    Nutrisport Protein and Carbs, Prolab Pure Whey and Reflex 100% Whey all taste good.

    Go to and read the reviews, they give a good idea of whether something is minging or not.

    I got 2kg of protein from Myprotein a couple of years ago that had the consistency of wet sand and a taste that made me I buy branded stuff now and on the site I mentioned ( is good too) and its not too much more expensive. Remember, it doesn't matter how cheap it is, if you can't drink it, you've wasted your money! :D
  5. I use the above mentioned website, good prices, and good reviews.

    I bought the AST Ultimate Shaker. Works well, and hasn't leaked as yet.
  6. Thanks for the advice guys ^^
  7. What is one drink of these drinks equivalent too, eg how many eggs, how much chicken.?
    just wondering because dont wana go and buy the stuff when i could just keep eatin what i am to the same effect.
  8. My girlfriend just loves Protein supplements and swears it's good for the skin.
  9. I too buy in bulk from but avoid the neutral 'flavour' whey powder especially if like me you buy mucho of the stuff for discount or you'll be stuck with this gooey wallpaper paste stuff for months! For a few extra pennies buy Choco, Strawberry or Banana which even taste nice mixed in water. Regards lumpyness, just shake in a container to a frothy mess, it shouldn't be too lumpy then.

    The protein bars are heavy, very filling (meal replacement?) yummy but expensive.
  10. Personally, I like the unflavoured whey from myprotein, been having it for a while, take it with a bit of nesquick and you get a decent flavour

    And if your having it after excercise, use water, your body makes use of it far quicker than if it was in milk.

    Try aswell, they are pretty good, heard of being pretty good aswell.
  11. I was going to say the exact same thing regarding unflavoured and using a milk shake flavouring (I use nesquick also, aswell as a liquid stuff that you can get from tescos, a couple of quid for 30 servings. Does it's job well).

    On a side note to the guy about isolate. The only real reason to use isolate over concentrate or hydrolysed is if you are lactose intolerent. Otherwise there is no real reason to pay the extra cost for the difference.
  12. Usual scoop size is 33cc which usually yields 30g of whey. Or about the same as a chicken breast.

    Really it's just economical to buy whey. If you can, actual food is better but more expensive.
  13. saves loads of cash tbh. In reality though, I dont see the point when people complain about the flavour, its only to supplement protein intake, if they dont like the taste, grill some chicken!!

    I say if your gonna use it buy it cheap an decent, sod the taste
  14. You get different qualities of protein however. A raw egg has the best quality of protein, as it contains all the amino acids, and constructions your body needs of these, for instance. Therefore, you can't really compare the weights.

    Using the strawberry one at the moment, and it's still pretty rough :p A few mates say it's just the one I've bought though..