Protein Supplements and the like!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Pukka, May 2, 2008.

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  1. In a bid to 'beef myself up a bit' and I dont mean to the extent of Arnie, I am looking at some protein/carbohydrate/creatine supplement. Looked through some old posts on here and checked out They have a formula called Hurricane XS and they also sell whey protein. I have asked the comapny if the products contain any banned substances (which I was confident they would'nt), and they have come back and said they dont contain any substances that are banned by the IOC, but that I should check with the armed forces in case they have a different list/criteria for whats banned. So my question is will these products be ok, or do the army have a stricter policy than the IOC? Any advice would be appreciated as the last thing I want is to get kicked out of basic as soon as I start.
  2. Yup the generic whey protein from myprotein is good. Try the banana flavour, its grand :wink:
  3. check your pms pukka
  4. youl be fine with anything off the shelf
  5. The UK has banned norandrostendione and the like. If you buy things through the web you might want to familiarise yourself with what prohormones are; there are still loads of sites who will mail them to you, or add them to things. A Bath (I think) rugby player got himself banned, and the forces wouldn't look too kindly on someone they think might be giving himself liver (or other) problems. But anything from UK retailers should be ok.
  6. Also look at your diet, the right food is very important.
  7. Prohormones are pretty expensive as well.

    Stuff from myprotein is pretty cheap incomparison to other manufacturers. I think you'd know if there was anything extra in it.
  8. Is the Hurricane XS of mprotein pretty much the same maximuscle cyclone?
  9. Apparently so (hence the name), Hurricane at least. Isn't XS a bit more beefier for more serious chaps?
  10. I have been using cyclone for about two months now. I checked out the ingredients of Hurricane XS and they are pretty much identical to Cyclone, but Hurriacane is half the price. Its a no brainer!!!
  11. Most of above are simply food supplements.

    You can legally buy "designer" steroids for as cheap as a tenner from the internet, they are sold as a dietary supplement and to the untrain eye they seem just that, but some are methylated steroid compounds which will mess with your HPTA and require correct post-cycle therapy.

    Superdrol, methyldien (a derivative of nandrolone), epistane, so on, they are perfectly legal (for now) and are available from UK online retailers. If you have any doubts about a product, Google it or PM me and I'll tell you what the crack is.

    By and large, supplements are fine.
  12. well im skinny, and i mean SKINNY and i have been going to the gym for about 2 months and in the first month i put on a stone by just eating correctly. the reason why i dont buy protein/ mass gain is because at this time i cat afford it, hopefully soon, but it just goes to show a good diet can make a good difference...
    oh and something else, by taking these supplements now, couldn't there be a chance you could lose your gains in basic?...because obviously you cant take them there...
  13. Can anyone tell me about KreAlkyline. A mate of mine says they are a hell of alot better than Creatine, but me being pretty useless when it comes to supplements, I have no idea. I don't currently use anything, but am thinking of starting to (could do with a few more pounds on me), would they be something to use with protein, instead of creatine? Or are they just hype?!?

    Feel free to take the arrse - like I said, this is all new to me!
  14. Its the same as creatine just a different transport mechanism (like Creatine Ethyl Ester has non responders but respond to monohydrate).

    Use what's cheaper or what you feel has more effect

    You would get a 'few more pounds' on you by upping your calories

    You also can't put creatine and protein into the same category. They serve different purposes.
  15. Yeah I understand the different purposes, the protein would be for muscle gain, whereas the creatine is for recovery (is that right?).

    I have tried upping the calories, but I can't sustain it for long. I cannot find the time to prepare so much food! Any ideas or links to quick fix, high calorific food would be appreciated.

    Still, is creatine/krealkyline worth it? Or is that just for very serious atheletes/body builders?