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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by joshb, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. alrite lads its my first post here so go easy if this seems like a silly question but whats the general consensus on protein shakes and where are the best places to get them from and if i take them will it stop me getting into the army and what happens when i stop taking them will i keep the muscle if i go to a high protein diet or will it all fall off again

    oh yeah one last thing are you allowed them in basic [same question as before if i stop taking them in basic will i just go scrawny again]

    any help would be great cheers
  2. No idea about basic but they are good post exercise. They should be used to supplement your normal diet, and be aware that you will be getting energy from them, they're not just some kind of magic muscle gaining potion, so any extra calories will be stored as fat.

    They are perfectly legal (its the same protein as is in meat) so they wont bar entry to the army. Maximuscle or Maxim are good for shakes. Go for chocolate as the rest taste like crap.
  3. Being an 'ahem' elderly marathon runner I've been doing the old shake stuff for a while, these are ok but costly:

    But other than that I just use plain old bottled chocolate milk shake, seems to work for me.
  4. I agree. For goodness shakes are used by most of the top teams (BOA, Man Utd, Newcastle Utd, CUBC and I think the england rugby team) so they have a massive amount of credibility.

  5. Unless your doing some serious training theres not much point in buying some.
  6. If you're attempting to put on weight/size, then the best course of action is going to be to wait until after you've completed Phase 1.

    In order to put on size, then you need to ensure your nutrition is adequate, because, as I'm sure you know physique is 1/3 training, 1/3 nutrition and 1/3 rest. I can more or less guarantee you (and I think anyone who works at an ATR will back me up), that you won't be able to maintain your protein/carb balance for a prolonged period of time during basic. You will more or less be shoveling food down your grid at a rapid rate of knots before you head off for another lesson. And again, I can pretty much promise that you won't have the time, nor the inclination to go and train after a days' work. Also, your sleep pattern will more than likely be disrupted.

    Having said that, PT during basic is aimed at an output, that is delivering you, the trained soldier, to a Phase 2 establishment. You won't get massive from it, but you will get fitter (or should do!). Best course of action, in my opinion, is to just stick it out, crack the phys that they deliver and then train when you get to your Phase 2 establishment. It's only four months.

    Any questions, drop me a line. :)

  7. My advice wouild be to stay scrawny until after basic mate. If you can meet the minimum fitness requirments now, then stay at that level until you're finished, you'll have plenty of time to build up after phase 1, and you don't really need to be carrying around a load of extra muscle mass, it's just gonna tire you out quicker.
  8. Agreed, I'd say basic is more about fitness and a reasonable strength, rather than the super strong, johnny bravo look alike.
  9. thanks lads :D ill give some of the site a try
  10. When i was at Winchester ATR we weren't allowed supplements such protien shakes or creatine, it was one of the many things they searched you for on return from a visit to the town.

    However since i have been speaking to lads on my current course, it appears to me that every single ATR doe's things compleatly differently and has its own set of rules and such.

    Optimum Nutrition is probably the best amount of protein per serving (24g) and lowest in the sugar/carbs etc. Double rich choc tastes great.