protein shakes?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by pond_weed, Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. so basicaly im TA and am soon to start basic.

    i passed the rsw no problem, but was definatly bottom of the group when it came to fitness.

    iv been running, and doin 20 pushups and situps every couple of days.

    some one recommended protein shakes if im doing that much exercise. i always associated protein shakes with gym-junkies who's life seems to revolve around beefing up.

    are these protein shakes worth it for somone in my position? how much difference do they make ?

    thanks for any replies
  2. 20 pushups and situps every couple of days is pointless, since your expected to get around 50 of each in one sitting when you get to phase 1.

    try doing 10 sets of 20 every day and a 2 minute personal best every week
  3. dont waste you money, just eat a healthy diet.
  4. Protein definately helps muscles to recover from rigerous exercise - e.g. a daiy 25 min run or 30 min session in the gym. Don't use too much though - or you'll get fat and end up farting all day.
  5. If you're doing some running and banging out a few push ups and such I wouldn't bother buying any of the large tubs of protein powders or similar.

    Just go down your local tesco and in the refrigerated section you should find a product called For Goodness Shakes. They're a recovery drink with protein and carbs in. You won't get bigger (and as long as you have just 1 post exercise) or fatter but it'll help you recover. but unless you're running over 10k every few days muscle wastage from running shouldn't be an issue.
  6. :roll:


    A high quality protein powder is an excellent way to supplement your diet. It can be very much beneficial depending on your exercise regime (i.e resistance training in the gym, tabbing, running etc) but a run every other day followed by 20 push ups and sit-ups????? Are you being serious?

    Mate all you need to worry about at the moment is increading your fitness, eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water. With your basic training regime, Id say youd be wasting your money buying protein. Use the money to purchase a gym membership instead and mix up your training with running, weights, cycling and swimming.

    Give it 3-6 months then come back with your new training schedule and ask the same question.
  7. They only supplement an existing well balanced diet and training routine.

    I drink protein shakes because it is a convenient way to get extra calories and protein while working full time and training most evenings. This protein could be gained from food, but I am already eating 5 meals a day, and a couple of protein shakes is just a "topup"
  8. I use them and find them useful, but unless you're trying to put on lots of muscle just eat more chicken and tuna... it tastes better. Protein shakes work out cheaper and are easier to make and consume.

    I find it helps me recover but I gain weight when I'm using them (both muscle and fat).

    In short, you dont need them but try them if you fancy it. I recommend, they're cheaper than anything else I've seen and the quality seems to be really good. I've always had good results anyway.

  9. I'll second that - I've been using myprotein for about 2 years and the quality is excellent, especially their truewhey protein.

    Having said that 20 pressups and situps every couple of days isn't really that much, you certainly shouldn't need to be supplementing on top of that.
  10. I stopped taking protein shakes cause after 8 weeks I started looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I was also doing 50 pressups a day so that might of been the cause. :)
  11. dont listen to allo f these idiots above,

    buy a a quality protein powder (not one from holland and barrett) from such websites as or monster supplements and remember the cost=the quality so dont buy one because it is cheap

    protein is used to rebuild the body so by taking more than you normally are you will recover quicker than with a "normal diet" and therefore be able to train more.

    listen if all the sports stars,footballers,cricketers you name it are using them they why shouldnt you

    lastly for a 25g serving of whey it will usually cost about 50p per serving-name another protein source of that quality that cheap,but that good?
  12. Exercising every other day is a good idea; it allows recovery, which is essential for the training effect to occur.

    20 press-ups and sit-ups is fine; you will benefit well from this regime. Once you start finding the 20s relatively easy, try adding a few (up to 5) more over time.

    Quality is often more important than quantity.

    Eat a good balanced diet including carbs to fuel your exercise (including recovery) and protein to build and rebuilt your muscle fibre. Potato and bread are a good souce of carbs, fish (eg tuna and pilchards) and red meat are a good source of protein. You don't need protein powders.
  13. Use protein shakes for extra calories, protein and convenience. I recommend Optimum nutrition 100% whey gold standard its pure quality fast absorbing protein. With no lactose very little carbs and great for fat burning.
  14. Don't listen to all these idiots above?!?!? I suggest you wind it in! Some very knowledgable and fit people have given him some very good advice, and you refer to them as idiots, then refer to footballers as an example?!?

    Original poster, PM me and I can provide you with a training and diet programme to prepare you for basic training.

    However, your current training regime doesn't sound like it's intense enough, and at your stage, a good balanced diet is more important, supplementation can come later to.....supplement your good diet! :)

    oh and try doing sets of 20 press ups. eg 5 sets of 20, you'll notice the benefit.
  15. I'm normally a big advocate of using supplements, ad most of the people on here train hard and will therefore benefit strongly. However, you should easily be able to up your training with no problems whatsoever.

    This is of course a wah, but I thought I'd put that anyway. Who is it? The_Duke?