protein shakes...waste of money???

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Chris_2oo6, Aug 17, 2006.

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  1. thinkin about gettin some shakes for improved muscle mass

    are they worth the wedge though or a rip off gimmick???

    i try to eat as much protein as i can each day... try n get 1g of protein per pound of body plenty of carbs coz i dont wanna lose weight from the calories am burnin.

  2. I make my own protein drink, bit salty though.
  3. thanks for the sensible reply there
  4. I dont know whether they're a rip-off or not, how much do they cost?
    What I do know, is that for a simple, cheap and healthy source of extra protein, try tinned fish.
    Tuna, sardines, pilchards whatever. Most people are put off by the idea that they will stink of fish after eating them, they're wrong, just chew a stick of gum afterwards.
    Oily fish is full of protein, and essential fatty acids, omega 3-6 blah, blah, its good for your heart, your skin, your joints and eating sardines straight from the tin always means you get plenty of space on the train. :wink:
  5. My brother in law gave me a big tub of MET-Rx whey protein supplement to mix with milk. I drank 1 or 2 every day, and was going to the gym regular. I put on over half a stone of muscle in quite a short time. It was really useful for me to put on weight as I have trouble keeping my weight up.

    So I'd say yes, they can be worth it. If you buy a good one and workout alongside it.
  6. It's not a magic formula.

    You're aiming in the right direction in terms of the amount you are trying to digest, but try these as well....

    60gms of oats, with 350-400 ml of skimmed milk for breakfast.
    And / or, any amount of egg whites, plus one whole egg in the form of an omlete.

    Lunch is to be made up of vegetables or salad and...

    Chicken or
    Fish or
    Egg whites or

    Same again for evening meal.

    Cottage cheese before bed.

    Use the shakes with skimmed milk (more protein) mid morning and mid afternoon.

    Also take one IMMEDIATELY after weight training, but ONLY mixed with water. (The milk will slow its absorbtion into your system, and after training, you need it ASAP.)

    Also, try to get some healthy fats, through nuts.

    Then also supplement with....

    Creatine Ethyl Ester (2 - 3gms before and after training)

    REMEMBER, always give each muscle group 48 hrs to recover, or you won't grow.

    The weights stress the muscle.
    The protein feeds the muscle.
    Sleep, and ONLY sleep (with protein fed muscles) makes them grow.
  7. They are, effectively, a waste of money. Although they will help you bulk up, any good source of protein in a balanced diet will do the same. Unless you are at the extremes of body building - where there are other health issues - don't bother. Eat a good balanced diet, and exercise sensibly.

    Spot on: but remember the biological realities on the protein needed:

    So, noting that this recommended protein allowance includes a safety margin (the scientific analysis comes out at 0.6 gram per kilo, but they upped it to 0.8 to cover any funnies), let's say you're a big, 14 stone monster, who's training like a loon: we'll therefore up your daily need by another 20%, to 1 gram per kilo per day (so we're now 40% above the calculated need for the avaerage male population).

    14 stone is less than 200 lbs - let's work it out for 200 lbs, because you want to be even bigger, you hunk... that's 90 kilos: so you 'need' a massive 90 grams of protein per day. That's under 4 ounces... So a single quarter pound burger has all the protein you need.

    Bottom line: if I were really worried about adding protein to my intake, I'd go for healthily cooked chicken in sensible portions.

    It's more important to make sure that you have all the ingredients needed for health in your diet: carbohydrates, fruit, veg etc.
  8. Just switch whatever you usually drink for skimmed milk and continue to eat a healthy balanced diet. Money you might spend on protien supplements is probably better spent on other supplements of specific vitamins/minerals and so on (See your weight training mags for the latest research or try a recognised supplement program such as the Cybergenics one). I am a little out of date with what is on the market but the bottom line is if its just a protien supplement its probably a waste of money.
  9. if you go to you can really cheap bulk whey protein, its £15 for 2.23kg. usually its about £30 for that amount. its unflavoured but who cares
  10. For the average person with a typical metabolism maybe, but that's gonna do nothing for a hard gainer trying to gain weight or muscle mass
  11. Hard gainers wont benefit from eating too much, they will just get fat!
    Protein is only part of the story.
  12. They are not a waste of money if you get the right one.
    (how many serious weightlifters do you think buy from argos?)
    Remember protein shakes are literally a protein supplement, they should be taken along side a balanced diet and you must do enough exercise to regularly use up the protein your consuming.
    MUSCLE ISNT BUILT IN THE GYM! you tear muscles in the gym, and with sleep and protein they re-grow.

    Are protein shakes a waste of money? is protein a waste of money?

    Go on ebay and type: dorian yates pro-mass
    I have been using the above for some time now and notice muscle gains every two weeks roughly
  13. Thats the best advice i've ever heard regarding diet for muscle mass, the only downside being you have to be quite disciplined in your diet, which isn't the hardest thing in the world if you're committed. Cheers TW, I'm gonna print a copy of that and stick it to me fridge.
  14. Speaking as a civilian gym instructor, I'd consider it a waste of money. Slightly off topic, keep in mind that different types of body tissue require different rates of protein (or virtually none at all) e.g. pound of active muscle tissue will obviously require *more* than a pound of bone or organ tissue or fat, so don't get overly concerned about eating X amount of protein / day, as the less protein you consume, the more is utilised for intended purposes (lean mass gain) and not excreted as waste or used up as a source of energy.

    Most protein in these shakes is refined whey which is metabolised *very* quickly compared with "natural" slower digesting protein sources such as whole milk, whole eggs, fatty meats etc. - something to keep in mind as someone previously mentioned, muscle is built when you sleep (possibly hours after training / eating). You sound like a "hard gainer", so make sure to get plenty of quality fats in your diet aswell to support muscle growth.

    I'd take that money and spend it on quality food - milk (dairy), eggs, meat, or even make your own protein shakes e.g. when I was putting on size for rugby as a prop I'd combine eggs, whole milk and sometimes yoghurt. Eggs are treated now anyway to destroy bacteria so shouldn't be a problem. It's an acquired taste, but just suck it up and think of the money you save :)

    People that have difficulty keeping / increasing their weight: eat often; eat balanced meals (combining foods e.g. scrambled eggs laden with milk and butter on wholegrain bread or meat with rice / pasta); snack often; keep yourself hydrated as water forms a large component of muscle tissue; try to eat before you go to bed (aslong as it doesn't disturb your sleep); train every other day to avoid overly stressing your joints and allowing your muscles to recover / grow; make sure you get quality undisturbed sleep.
  15. Cheers Morty. Glad I could be of some use.

    I tried to simplify my answer, to help people new to this understand it all.

    However, for those of you who doubt the advantages of protein, or think that you don't need as much as I say, you're wrong.

    If you are training, you need MUCH more than the RDA for 95% of males.

    For fooks sake, if 95% of males trained hard, we wouldn't have the obesity levels we do in this Country.

    I'll try and find some of my other data, and I'll copy it out on this forum in a second. I'm sure I know where it is on my system.

    Prepare for an in depth 'cut and paste' jobby....