Protein Shakes bad idea?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MrMillar, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys, just a quick question, started recently taking Protein Shakes. But my concern is since I have less than 2 Months until Phase 1 will I feel any side effects if I just stop having the shakes? as I was told your not allowed them during Phase 1? Or do I have nothing to worry about?

    The brand is Whey Protein Body Extreme.
  2. It's not crack. Stop taking them eat a balanced diet.
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  3. Good luck passing those kidney stones.

    Get a labouring job on site for next 2 months and go running as well, stop trying to cheat.
  4. I'm in the Gym 5 days a week for 3/4 hours a time, I'm not cheating, but since I have very little spare cash after paying bills etc for a well balanced diet, I see it as my only option.

    I just assumed I might feel fatigued easier or something due to the sudden change in Diet.
  5. You can make a whole balanced meal for the price of a protein shake, especially if you make a few good meals at one time and then freeze other portions. You'll be healthier and probably better off too.
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  6. No.
  7. At worst your muscles might atrophy or take longer to recover if you don't balance your diet with protein from meat/fish/soya or whatever but continue working out at the levels you have been previous, and your farts will smell better, thats about it. There is nothing in there that you don't already get from a balanced diet. Stop the shakes and get eating plenty of tuna, cottage cheese, lean cuts of steak & chicken breast with the skin off. As above, its not crack
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  8. Pint of milk.


    With that statement I have proved not only that you have more money than sense but that I am also not David Cameron.
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  9. Thanks for the replies guys I think I've got my answer now.

    Just for the record I'm not relying on them to get any fitter, I've just been told good things about them, so thought I would give them a try, just wanted to hear a difference in opinion before I did so :)
  10. When spending your hard earned research things first. Doesn't matter what it is oh and a bit more advice save at least two days pay a month.
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  11. They don't make you any fitter by themselves, they just aid muscle recovery (growth) and maintenance post workout. Its a bit of a posers site this one but the advice is good and there is plenty of info on there regarding diet for those wanting to get either lean or built, and its aimed at people who want to do it naturally, not those ******* idiotic 'roidheads. Home of Muscle Growth
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  12. It can be affordable to have a good balanced diet if you get a lot of frozen veg and frozen fruit, tins of tuna, tins of beans(any type you like) etc. on pay day.

    Go to any supermarket at about 7 at night, and pick up fresh meats, fish, and fruits on reduced label.

    Keep a tub of protein shake for the times when you are working hard.

    Don't forget the vegetarian proteins that are on the menu such as kidney beans, lentils etc.

    If you can get yourself on real food proteins before phase one, your body will adjust very quickly to the routine, and running about daft in training will make your body lean.

    Good luck, and always remember that the Army is an adventure.
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  13. I've just found them easier since I don't actually own a Freezer, sounds daft ino but I've just never really got around to buying one.

    But I think I'll reduce the shakes to 1 a day, and sort some sort of better diet out, nutrition has always let me down, not scared of working hard and training but as they say 80% of it's down to diet. ("they" being some random dude at the Gym)

    Some really good feed-back btw thanks for that, was expecting to receive a wall of sarcastic Trolling.
  14. and add in scoops full of wholegrain pasta, brown rice etc.
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  15. Keep taking them if you have the money to waste. I used shakes for a long while trying to put on weight. The only noticeable side effect was a lighter wallet. By the way, eating lots of food >>>>> buying protein shakes.
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