Protein Shake & Running

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by DanC, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. Im assuming this is the right place to post this, Now before anyone thinks i am taking a protein shake thinking it will help me to run faster or anything there wrong :p.

    I've been lifting weights for about 1 month now just because i would like to be abit bulked up, i have always done a run before going to the gym so i focus most of my energy on the running side. I drink 1 protein shake in the morning then one immediatly after workout.

    My sisters ex-boyfriend has just come back on the scene and has told me that i shouldn't be drinking a protein shake if i am running (something about fat content) and if i am its pointless even going for a run as i wont get my stamina up in any way so im just wasting time.

    Can anybody spread some light on this situation, Wrong/Right etc.

    Thanks, Dan.
  2. Mate,

    You want to try something like MaxiMuscle Viper/Viper Extreme - works for me, and reduces delayed muscle soreness. These are more for stamina though, so if it's sprinting speed you're after i can't really help.

  3. He's talking shite. Protein shakes don't carry much fat, especially if mixed with water or skimmed milk. Even if they did carry a lot of fat, why would they affect your running unless you were getting very fat from consuming them?

    Protein is the building blocks of muscle. Carbs are the building blocks of stamina. Fats, protein and carbs are needed for both.
  4. Utter bollox.
  5. I was using Protein shakes a few months back to help me recover faster from running. I ran out, and forgot to buy anymore. Ive since gone from 3 to 5 runs a week, aswel as pressup, situp and weight circuits 6 days a week, and have noticed no difference in recovery time. If your eating healthy and getting plenty of the right foods, you wont need the shakes at all.

  6. Protein shakes are for if you want to bulk up muscle size.
    if you only run and take protein, i cant see it having any effect.
    if you lift weights take protein and run, you will bulk up, but your running will reduce your size increase and limit it.
    if you only lift weights and take protein then you will bulk up quickly.

    however, if you take protein and do nothing, you will get fat because your body cannot store amino acids. so it breaks them down and forms fats, which are then stored as fat until they are needed.

    it wont reduce your stamina as long as you keep running.
    building muscle could also help with your running to an extent, but obviously the extra weight wont do you much good if you bulk up too much.
    i go to the gym 3 times a week and run 15-25 miles and i am getting bigger without any supplements.
    i would only really suggest protein if you were looking to get much bigger.
  7. JESUS! Alll this on the health site about ALL these addertives that are taken to gain bulk, muscle, endurance ect!

    What is so wrong with doing it the old fashioned way, "Hard Work" and a proper training regieme, with three meals a day and WATER to keep the toxins in the body flushed through?

    Or are we now looking for the easy option?

    "Dear Arni, I have done the course, please send me the muscles"!
  8. I read somewhere (Mens health, i think) that unless you are a serious athlete that protein shakes are a waste of time.

    Glass of chocolate milk is an excellent alternative.
  9. You are obviously clueless in regards to building muscle if you think 3 meals a day is the way forward. why is it cheating consuming protein shakes anyway? They may not be needed for many but whey protein is ideal for a post workout protein fix or when foods aren't ideal such as on operations.
  10. We're talking building muscle, not athletics. Protein is essential for building muscle.
  11. I use protein recovery shakes when I come back off long bike rides (in excess of 4 hours), and it really does give a considerable improvement in recovery times.

    Saying that though, I only use recovery shakes when I've had a hard sesh, and anything less than 2-3 hours they just arent worth it.
  12. It does make a difference. Fact. The more protein you consume after tearing muscle fibre the faster it heals and hypertrophy occurs.

    I simply cannot believe some of the crap i see at my local gym, guys i know "hit the weight hard" for 2 hours (lacking any training intensity) then post workout they eat a packet of quavers! :( I cant see how quavers offer appropriate protein/carbohydrate recovery! These idiots also have "normal" diets, eating if they are lucky, 60g of protein a day then they ask me why their lifts arent improving, and why they arent making gains, it annoys the hell out of me. Eventually they overtrain and become ill, whilst my lifts continue to improve and i gain pound after pound. Being a naturally ectomorphic hardgainer i guess my diet is more important to me than others who can gain on practically nothing, but a body is a body you fuel it up incorrectly and.....well you get the idea.

    I read some bullshizzle "nutrition guide for recruits", simply hilarious, at my TAC last week, it basically said all protein supplements are "wastes of money" and they cause "liver and kidney failure" etc etc. So they are saying someone on a "normal" diet will progress or perform as well as someone with a tailor made diet to match their training needs? Bollocks. Who writes this cobblers? Oh let me guess someone whos getting a shed load of cash from the MOD. When will such "Nutritional experts" stop sprouting drivel, science is science yet so many seem to be more than comfortable to adopt parrot phrases "if you eat well then you will get enough protein". Ok then, lets see them try to bodybuild or powerlift on a "normal" "balanced" diet.

    Sorry rant over, it annoys me the lack of general knowledge of nutrition within the forces, without the right diet dont even bother training simple as. :x
  13. It used to work well, but that's the problem, so much has changed and with PAYD has not helped, along with the clueless way in which those on active service now seem to be fed.

    I recall in the early days on NI, no matter where you went or the time, there was always a good meal and as much as you wanted / needed to keep body and soul together.

    When the body is being pushed to and passed breaking point, why do some feel that taking supliments is an option to good food.

    Soldiers are not atheletes, but need to be able to go for long periods, not short bursts and time has to be made to ensure that good hot food is made available.

    Newsreel of Prince Harry scoffing the good old Pot Noodle, O happy days in Stanley!

  14. I agree completely, idiots who REPLACE good food with protein bars and whey shakes are mongs, you main diet has to be in good shape BEFORE you start to even think about supplementation. To put it simply, i could live with or without supplements but i use whey etc for convienience. Supplements are a means to an end, not the whole picture, they help but only when used sensibly. No one should rely alone on supps. But why not utilise all the resources available to you to help you improve your performance and reach your goals?
  15. You're right to have a rant. My biggest problem (and lots of other people) is lack of knowledge to train effectively. I know the information is out there, but it's vast and there is no better substitute than speaking with someone that knows what they are doing, nor do i want to live the life of a monk.

    It seems now that most PTI's in the Army are re-hab orientated. I'm on the running machines most mornings in the gym (still snow on the ground over here so can't run outside yet) and the remedial PT sessions are a disgrace - football? Some of these people would be better served with some lessons on how to train effectively, motivation, coming back from injury etc.