Protein powders and similar stuff

Probably been spoken about before but do these protein shakes that you find in huge containers and taste like cack actaully do any good. Mate of mine guzzled the stuff down morning noon and night and still looked like a leaf. Whats the story?
Probably would've helped if he'd lifted some weights as well

You gotta know what your taking, not just buy a box and eat it all. Basically I used to do Protein Shakes (Myoplex) at 9pm when I just finished boxing as it was too late to cook and eat a meal and I only wanted the Protein.

It is also good for replacing meals when you can't go home and cook etc. for example when you are not home.

Also, the obvious, you have to be doing the training with it.
Many of these products are shite. Apart from protein shakes which can be a replacement or compliment a meal because of its extra protein. Scientifically speaking thay do diddly squat & even less when your not training. A lot of them will make you retain water in all sorts of areas so your bulk increase may not be a product of any training you are doing. As far as im concerned you can get the protein you need plus extra from eating normal/natural food. I took part in a Creatine/protein study once & all it gave me was water retention & constipation. Ide strongley advise looking at the pros & cons (esp side effects).
Do the correct training with the right diet! thats how you will bulk up & get strong!
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