Protein drinks/weight gainers

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by parasigs, Apr 8, 2007.

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  1. Guys

    Can anyone reccomend where to get cheap but effective protein drinks. Ive been on the maximuscle stuff but costs a small fortune!

    Cheers in advance guys
  2. What about reflex whey protein? Any good?

    Im using this and progain from maximuscle.
  3. I've found found Prolab N-Large 2 to be effective. You can get a 10lb tub off Ebay for about 45 quid.
  4. I've used this place -

    Its unflavoured, unbranded whey protien and very good value. I've used the 90% pure one and have found it no different from all the stuff sold at much higher mark-ups. The only problem is that its collection only (east london).

    Hope that helps
  5. Be real men and do raw egg whites
  6. Have you tried liquid ATP ceatine? about twenty quid on ebay and free delivery. No pre load etc and level off is good.
  7. That Navy bint who was on the news may be able to help you with some ideas .........
  8. Whatever Faye Turney is on is doing the job, she'll tell you what it is for a tenner, or a bag of chips 'n' cheese.
  9. Aye but what's she gonna do when she loses her looks?

    I won't reccommend anything specific, if you know what you are looking for as regards supplements then you'll find decent savings here. cf 'Hurricane' formula with 'Cyclone' for example.

    I've never had any dramas with orders or service if that helps.

    PS Look on the forums page of the above for a 5% discount referrers code. I haven't got mine handy.
  11. Dear parasigs,

    You could try these people:

    Since I'm a vegan, I've used their products for absolute yonks and have always found them to be of the very highest quality (particularly the pea protein).

  12. Quite good stuff this, I use their whey isolate quite a lot and have had good results.

    If you dont want to spend a great deal though try eating tuna, you can buy the small tins quite cheaply these days in the supermarkets and they are an excellant source of protein.
  13. Water and Army scoff is all you need
  14. Army scoff's ok if you can eat enough of it.