protective mine boots???

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by crumpets, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. they look like Biff Boots! :lol:

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  2. They look like coco the cnut boots...
  3. but where on earth would the market be?? can you imagine walking in those things?
  4. Bos, sierra leon, most of lower lebonon, half of Africa to name a few places.
  5. Considering two blokes lost their leg above the knee and one just below the knee in Afghan do you think these will save you?
  6. So you foot would be OK. the mine would still take your leg off though.
  7. If I had to stand on a mine, I'd rather be wearing them than not!
  8. It could happen.
  9. It's about as useful as having ballistic eyewear and then getting it the face with a shotgun. Nice pair of eyes, but where's the rest of his head?

    I'm fairly sure you'd have to removed the boots from your anus afterwards.
  10. What, by the threat "stand on this mine or we will kill you"???
  11. Hmm... says; 'Should be worn in combination with Blast Protective Boot'

    Ah, and there she is 8O

  12. I've heard of mine accidents where guys have lost the front of the foot or had the heel blown off their foot, these could well have lessened the damage, ok they look like part of a frankenstein costume but i'd rather look a prat with 2 feet than look cool with a prosthetic! :D
  13. Yes, i suppose it depends on what type of AP mine it is. The Russian ones we encountered in Afghan were quite cheeky and these boots wouldn't have saved your foot (or leg).