Protective Marking Definitions

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by mysteron, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Dear All,

    I am trying to find the official definitions for what constitutes PM RESTRICTED in order to help a few of my brethern understand the difference between UNCLASSIFIED and RESTRICTED.

    Namely, the document that says things along the lines of - consitutes potential threat or embarrasment to HM Govt etc. Not give something that is RESTRICTED away, I am after defining OPSEC for some people who don't understand the difference.

    Can anyone help please. Google has been unsuccessful so far and I am not on a milnet system. Thanks in advance.
  2. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Anyone? Help? I am all lonely out here. Please, be your bezzer!! Honest!!
  3. We may have a problem as the documents I have listing the definitions are classified.

  4. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Erm - the one that describes RESTRICTED is not - I am sure on that or you would never know what constituted a breach before you did it!!!! I am just after PM RESTRICTED at least and SECRET at best.
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Useful, thanks and it has lead me to the answer. Thanks chaps.
  7. Both the Manual of Protective Security (MPS) and JSP440 have the definitions. Appendices 5.1 through to 5.4 in MPS (Sep 06 edition). Don't have my copy of 440 with me to give you the reference.

    If you look at the CESG site here (NPM), you will see the definitions in terms of the new "Impact Levels". You might be able to associate these with the protective marking terms you are interested in. If you have Armynet access or can get hold of a printed copy, look for 2007DIN 08-010 for more detail.

    That should be enough for you to find out what you need.
  8. RESTRICTED - You can take these documents home with you, as long as you don't show your Mum, but she could probably look anyway. Just don't leave it in the back of a locked car. A Scum hired thief may take the opportunity to lift it and have it reported as "SECRET" and make the front page pointlessly and make the INT CORPS, as well as the Army as a whole go "Eh?"

    CONFIDENTIAL - You can't take this home, especially if you are in NI. Your Mum could probably see it. Left alone by thieves because it doesn't sound as impressive. Just the right PM to be put on or

    SECRET - Officers can take this home, especially if it is saved to a USB. Then they are allowed to leave it on a train/taxi/hotel room/other (delete as applicable. This is very much allowed if it is a weapon (INT CORPS only) left in Sainsbury's or sold on for gangsters in Liverpool (Kingo's - LANCS something or other).

    TOP SECRET - If you are on Ops then please leave this outside an Ops room for a Locally Employed Civilian to find. You are also allowed to lose this in a room if it is a Top Secret area, because if you didn't see it leave it is ok...

    Anyone want to put forward their own definitions? :roll:
  9. Being boring as usual ...

    The JSP 440 Reference (Issue 3.5 which is the latest to my hand) is Chapter 5, Section 1, Annexes A to D.
  10. Mysteron - I think Protective Markings are the least of your problems Son.
  11. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Alaarm! - Really? Please do enlighten me. I am sure that someone who asked the question on their first post what a wah is and couldn't be bothered to look it up has much to offer me in the way of advice.


    Now expecting diatribes of stagging on the gate when I was on Cow & Gate and other such humourous statements.

    Please note the point in my post at the top of the thread stating that I had been looking, unable to find and hence have sufficient humility to come to the correct forum and ask.

    Oh - from those who have value to add - Thanks, got the right answer and people now know what constitutes a PM RESTRICTED document.
  12. Reference my first post about what a Wah! - the post was a Wah! So I have now just Wah'd! you - or could this be an elaborate execution of the lesser know 'Dopple Wah!' whereby you have just Wah'd me about the delivery of a previous Wah?

    I feel dirty.
  13. I thought for one moment that I had stumbled into a really interesting discussion on JSP 440...
  14. This looks like AL4 to me, here are the AL5 updates

    Post Script:

    Vol 5 AL3: Access to information requiring specific indoctrination procedures must be confined to identified "keep areas" subjected to additional protective security measures:
    Windows must be capable of being closed if it becomes windy.
    "Keep areas" will be restricted in size to maintain the "need to know". As a guide keep areas should be no bigger than an entire floor in Head Office or the Peel Building in Marsham Street.
    Access to the keep area must be restricted only to staff who are Officers or can smile nicely, or those that seem like nice types: IE: those that say "good morning" in the lift or in the corridor, or run round the park at lunchtime, or dress like us, or went to a decent school, or absolutely scrummy girls.

    Vetting: Those requiring access to "keep areas" should have produced at least three valid identity documents EG: cellphone bill, UB40, IND assylum permit or a letter from a respected menber of the community such as a Doctor, Clergyman.

    In the case where more reliability is required, such as applicants from Tirana, Kirkuk, Abuja or Lagos, an additional referee will be required who is a senior financial transactions manager and is both a clergyman and a doctor.

    Logical "keep areas" shall have no direct internet connectivity without prior accreditation (or a note from Matorn)

    all systems will need to be secured to NT4 SP1 as a minimum.

    All standards must be enforced by a rigid, rolling external-audit programme by DSSO. Audits will be conducted at least once per 10-15 years, or whenever staff retention allows.
  15. What an appropriate avatar for that comment.