Protection? Why do I.?..Oh, that!!

A US man - age 29 - has set an American Record - 21 kids with 11 women, including 4 kids in one year with different mums...

He forgot one thing, though.. don't p!ss off the mothers afterward...

He's been taken to court for non-payment of child support.. the courts have ordered the authorities to take 50% of his wages - no word on what he does for a living, other than boffing women, but it amounts to a few bucks each when the cash is spread around.

Asked what he was thinking, Des Hatchett, said.. " it just happened "..

Some Knoxville, Tennessee residents suggested that he should be castrated.

Cops are investigating to see if there any more women out and about who may put forward a claim to having known Des in the biblical sense and have a kid to prove it..

Des says that he's going to retire from the baby-making business...BTW..

Haven't found any photties of Des to see if he's a ravishing looker/Pierce Brosnan lookalike or what he used to sweet-talk them..

and, I'm thinking he could earn some funds for the childrens' education fund if he jotted down the chat-up lines he used to get all these ladies into the sack and agree to having ' willy' go naked into the breach, and flogged the pamphlet on the weeb.
oh... he's Black!!..
well, that explains it, then..

"everyone" knows that black men are hung like pornstars on steroids and women will just flock 'round them like chickens on corn...

should have guessed..

thanks for that.

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