Protection of employment

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Just some advice on Protection of employment, cant seem to find it on the Sabre website (they just talk about getting a call up notice)

If I put my hand up for a tour is my day job going to be protected because I volunteered?


As long as the TA understand you have a civilian employer you will get a notice of compulsory mobilisation, and will hence be covered by the reserve forces act. Meaning your employer has to keep your current position open for you or another position of equal stature / remuneration.
Lets hope no employers read this thread and learn the tricks of our trade!


Oh they know and no doubt eventually one of them will weather the uproar and otrage and stand their ground, its either voluntary or not!


How many more times?

You will receive a notice of compulsory mobilisation. Your employer will receive an information pack that points them to the SaBRE website. This gives all of the details for the employer, including the fat that intelligent mobilisation takes the employment circumstances of the soldier into account. It also goes into the process for appeal against mobilisation.

Tell your employer that you had no choice and you didn't expect to see the letter coming and it is very, very easy for them to disprove this, or appeal against your mobilisation. This results in no tour and a very unhappy employer.

If you want the best possible chance of a job to come back to, discuss it with your boss long before the envelope hits the mat. The alternative is to accept the fact that lying to the organisation that pays your wages for the majority of your time may well cost you your job.


That's worth stickying!

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