Protection dog handler in the T.A??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Angus1, Jun 30, 2010.

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  1. Hello there,
    I have heard that someone in the T.A served in Bosnia as a protection dog handler.

    I never would of thought this but if this is possible I would be very interested in finding out.
    My local careers office were not much help and I have spoken with someone local in the TA who didn't have a clue either.
    I've been given a number from a friend to call tomorrow who may have some info for me but can anyone please help?

    Anyone know much about it, anyone done it?
    Your help would be very much appreciated as I would be extremely interested in this.

    Kind regards
  2. my friend done this it was an FTRS posting
  3. Liar.

    You have no friends.
  4. Is your friend on this site?
  5. How can you be a TA dog handler? The poor mutt needs feeding more than one night a week.
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  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Did he call himself Bravo_Bravo ?
  7. Well that's narrowed it down to only 40,000 blokes.
  8. is it an actual TA trade? you'd think it would only be full time because of the realationship between dog and handler. or could it be for ex-reg dog handlers?
  9. Or maybe ex dogs?
  10. I handled a few dogs in the TA.......they like the uniform ;)
  11. I would imagine that it wasn't his trade in the TA, and he just did it in Bosnia (as he would have been full time in Bos)

    He might have been a civvy plod dog handler or something which made him viable for S-Type / FTRS service in that role or something. I know that a lot of TA blokes mobilised for Telic in their civvy trades rather than TA ones, with inf badged civvy network engineers attaching to Royal Signals or RLC badged civvy sparkies attaching to RE.
  12. I was Adjutant at BLMF for a while & these guys were part of my CoC. The TA Bods were mainly Baby Paras from 4 PARA.

    My understanding from them & the Reg RAVC Vet & her SSgt was that if a PID comes up for a MWD handler & a TA Bod bids for it & is accepted then they would be trained by the RAVC prior to the tour. I don't remember any of them being a dog handler in "real life" indeed one of the Paras was (IIRC) a student.

    This information could, however, be out of date as I hung my boots up in 2006. In the words of msr ask your PSI/CoC!
  13. I have a friend who is a TA RLC driver. She mobilised, trained to be a dog handler and did it on deployment on Op Telic. She loved it.

    You seem to think that the army dogs live with their handlers in much the way that civvie Police dogs do. This is NOT the case.

    Chase up details of the RAVC. They run the dogs so should be your first point of contact.

    Good luck.
  14. That's correct; two toms from 10 (now B) Company in 4 PARA did that job in IIRC 2001-02. To do so they attended a short selection / suitability interview run by the RAVC and then passed the 6 week dog-handling course at Melton Mowbray prior to deployment in theatre. One of them also returned there to do another tour in that role in 2003.
  15. :D Class