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Protection differences between Mk 6, 6a and Mk 7?

My boss actually believed that the MK7 stops a 7.62mm round dead in its tracks. The media do make out that this is the case though. Helmets may deflect richochets but even a 9mm sig saur passes through a MK7 with ease.
On a pen dem range recently everything went through the Mk6 like it was made of chocolate. Didn't shoot the others though. Hopefully the 6A and 7 are a little better than the 6's pathetic performance.
Most helmets are NIJ IIIA, i.e are designed to stop 9mm & .45 but nothing else, the weight would be far too much for NIJ IV.

We have a MACH1 Helmet in our office that has stopped five 9mm rounds - a test at very short range, not some poor fcuker taking five to the head!

Edited to say - i think that the major difference might be in the first few layers that are used to make the helmet. My guess is that they used some type of Aramid that promotes richochet or rounds.
WIKIPEDIA: but its new shape allows a soldier to lie flat and shoot straight, without the rear rim digging into his body armour and tipping the front rim over his eyes
How many arguments did I have on here with people who swore the MK6 and MK6A did not suffer with this. Usually argued by those who had never worn osprey body armour. :)
The US were working on the ACH helmet, which will supposedly will be able to stop an AK bullet at the same weight as their current ECH...of course, it turned out to be quite tricky in practice, and the actual performance objective may be less optimistic.