Protecting the future of ash trees on Salisbury Plain

Ash Dieback, a serious fungal disease affecting ash trees across the country, has infected many of the woodlands on the Salisbury Plain Training Area.

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Ash die back is tragic enough. The worrying thing is if the pests kill all the ash trees what will be next?
It may have already started.Wikipedia tells me

“In August 2018 Defra and the Forestry Commission announced that at Westonbirt Arboretum the fungus had been found infecting three new hosts: Phillyrea (mock privet), narrow-leaved mock privet and Chionanthus virginicus (white fringetree).[48][49] These were the first findings on hosts other than Fraxinus anywhere in the world.[50] All three new hosts are in the same taxonomic family as ash, the Oleaceae.[48] The trees were all in the vicinity of infected European ash.[50]

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