Protecting New Timberland Boots

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by foxs_marine, Jan 24, 2013.

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  1. Like it says, just got a new pair at a very tidy discount. I was wondering if there is a recommended product to protect the nubuck?

    I seem to recall an aerosol called something like Scotchgard that you sprayed on suede & nubuck.

    I'd be grateful for any suggestions.


  2. Boot polish, black lots of it hth.
  3. Are they Timberland walking boots or them cream things.
    If they're the walking boots Dubbing , that's what I use .
  4. They're in a colour called "Wheat", & they're in nubuck. They're not walking boots, just ordinary everyday boots.
  5. Nikwax and Grangers do sprays and creams for nubuck. I've never bought any, but they all say the treatment may discolour the leather, which you might not want.
  6. Don't go outside in them.
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  7. I owned a pair in that colour. Upon asking for advice at the local cobblers, I was told that the only way to guarantee keeping them pristine was not to wear them. Even using the treatments available, they will still discolour. Having said that they did last quite a while but i only wore them for cutting around town and similar.
  8. If you're trying to prevent 'water spotting',spray them both with a fine water spray,they will obviously darken but once dry,will never 'spot',I do this with suede footware as well,and it works.

    If you don't want them to look 'used',don't 'use' them,simple!
  9. Kiwi Aquastop is want you want - about £3 a pop, give your boots about two or three coats from about 6 inches then top up every now and then, keeps Timberlands looking good, they will darken but nowhere near as quickly if you don't treat them.
  10. its essentially an untreated leather.
    i have a pair of boots with slightly rough suede, they were too good to pass up, I use some light tan boot polish or clear shoes wax as a protector a couple of times a year and yes it changes the colour/shade a tiny bit and smooths the suede a little bit but long-term its kept them strong and resistant. I've heard this also works on desert boots by the way. of the combat and pub type. yes it changes it a little bit but so will wear and tear if left untreated and maybe not in a way you have control over.
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  12. Just buy a pair of Wellington Boots instead.
  13. Good advice from Jumping Jack there, I've done this recently to my tan timberlands. All the rocksalt around at the moment isn't good for nubuck.
    Heres a before and after

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  14. I always thought DeWalt was the boot to get?
  15. Nice one Sinner. Bit darker than mine but exactly what I was talking about. I've also used darker like that on stained boots as you've done there and they come up looking like new boots. Only problem is you can get some salt marks coming through sometimes I think (from the polish or sweat, not sure) but keep up the polish and they'll 'take' soon enough and that'll go away.

    Note : you can use a very light polish tan or clear wax and keep essentially the same shade as the original boot too.
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