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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Muntie McSporrin, Jun 10, 2011.

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  1. Ahhh the good old Shock Doctrine at work again... Yep, them corporate buzzards and bloodsuckers are already out in public, rubbing their mitts together with glee at the prospect of a 'post Gaddafi Libya'. Protecting civilians? Fark off. It's business as usual in the ME.

    A Devastated Libya Is a Good Libya (for Bankers)
  2. Hmm. This post dropped off the front page without a murmer. Is it that people are sick n tired of this sort of 'reality check'? We all just sorta shrug our shoulders and say, "Yep, war is for profit, and who cares a damn"?

    I dunno. I wouldn't mind if the pols were truthful about it. If they said, "Yeah, we're in Libya to turn it into a new Mediterranean resort-o-plex for pissed, sunburned Brits and pool chair-hogging Krauts" I'd say, "Well, cheers for being honest about it!".
  3. Maybe you have already said all there is to say - unfortunately our foreign policy brings us a standard of living that others can only dream of.

    As long as we have our staples - reality tv, fast cars, gadgets, loose women, fags&booze - who is going to loose any sleep over war crimes in Africa / Middle East / S.Asia? Shit happens apparently.

    Say the word and I'll join you at the barricades, but it might just be me & thee mate.
  4. They never said which civilians they were protecting though, did they? I'm pretty sure the ones they had in mind live in Buckinghamshire and commute.
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  5. Maybe because it's a wild theory, based on one side-effect of a complex situation.

    Maybe it's because you put it across with an obvious and blatant agenda.

    Maybe it's because (as proven by your decision to bump your own thread after it died a death) you're an attention whore.

    Most likely, it's because people like you would invent a non-story like this no matter what the conflict was.
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  6. An attention whore with an agenda... I like it!

    As for it being a non-story - really? I sorta thought the concept of war for profit was a pretty big story. Sure, we've been doing it since before the Romans brought 'democracy' to the barbarians, but I'd have thought in this more enlightened age, people would be more circumspect about the moral equivalent of murder for money.
  7. Why? 2345678
  8. Oh silly me! Of course it's not just about new hotel resorts and golf clubs, it's about the especially 'light, 'sweet' black stuff under Libya's sandy soils and shores...

    In a pure coincidence, Gaddafi impeded U.S. oil interests before the war - Libya -

    BTW, the article is especially worth reading as it provides a number of links, not all of which agree with the author's thesis.
  9. It's ****ing shite. All I'm interested in is whether I'll be going there or not in the near future. As for the Libyans, I couldn't care less.
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  10. So you don't really give a toss whether or not you're putting your life on the line for a legit op, or just another ME oil grab?
  11. There is, and always will be a complete lack of connection between soldiering & politics. It doesn't matter what the political views of members of the army are, because they've signed on to go where they're sent and do what they're ordered to.

    Bit simplistic maybe, but if you think that soldiers have the luxury of saying "hmm, I don't think I'll go to Libya, I think the UN resolution is a bit vague" or that they can say to the OC "If we're just going to further the commercial interests of the UK, I'll pass this time thanks" then you're being daft for no reason at all.
  12. Gadaffi was already selling oil to Europe as fast as he could get it out of the ground and signing contracts with western companies for everything from arms deals to oil infrastructure upgrades.

    So why exactly go to all the hassle of 'regime change' when the current regime's already selling us oil and giving us all the money back again to upgrade his MiGs?
  13. Take it your a civvie
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  14. I quite like the idea of war for profit, it's about time we started getting something out of wars again.
  15. When has war not been for profit, the big international construction company's are revving up, big time,to go in and rebuild all the crap the RAF have just f@cked up