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Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by Swingfire, Dec 6, 2010.

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  1. Military Pensions
    The Government have altered how your Military Pension is affected by annual inflation. They have changed the link from RPI to CPI which will decrease the value of your pension year on year. Below are some examples, which have been supplied by the Forces Pension Society, illustrating the cost of the change from RPI to CPI:
    a. Disabled double amputee 28 year old Corporal £587,000 by age 70.
    b. 40 year old Sergeant Royal Marines £212,000 by age 85.
    c. 40 year old Squadron Leader £319,000 by age 85.

    Please sign the petition which is very easy to do, simply click on the link:

    Protect Military Pensions

    To help make the petition grow please pass this information on to friends and college's. Support from both ex military and none military personnel for the petition is important as we believe the pension is a strong part of the Military Covenant which our Government is signed up to.
  2. I will make one observation and a couple of points:

    Observation - the country is broke and they are penny pinching at anything they can to save a few shillings.

    Point 1 - whilst it may be totally kosher, above board and beyond reproach - why would anyone want to pass on the full name, email and postal address to parties unknown. Especially in these days of cyber phishing and hacking.

    Point 2 - there is no protection under the Data Protection Act if information is entered on the ipetitions website. It is, from the T&C's a registered in Delaware, USA, company. a. The fact that it is in the USA means that it is not covered by any european data protection legislation and they can sell your information or pass it to anyone. b. The fact that it is in Delaware means it is the USA equivelent of the Isle of Man or Jersey as far as corporate controls are to non-existent.

    If you are going to sign, think long and hard around PERSEC.
  3. I don't know what you are getting exited about here. This is no different to the Holidays4heroes website which sends personal stuff to America. They are on our side you know.
  4. Hi
    Look thanks for the posts and I understand your comments. If you go to the Petition site and read the blog I think all your comments/concerns will be answered.

    Lets face it the Civil Service is not very good at looking after our persec. (Hope thats not thought of as a low blow!)
  5. Learn about the Data Protection Act and learn about the use and application of Delaware registered corporations.

    Then go and learn something about contract law and read the terms and conditions on the ipetitions site.

    In the meantime if you would ike to send me all your details along with your credit card number I will be happy to look after them for you.

    The serious bit:

    Yes it is a good thing to give the Govt a hard time about pissing around with pensions that in many cases have been hard earned with a faint whiff of cordite in the air. However, I am merely pointing out that you need to consider your own personal security before you pass over details to people.