Protect and Survive

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by E-Layer, May 3, 2009.

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  1. I think that was just the measure of how deep the poo was at the time.

    Laughably (sp?) obvious all of it.

    Good times :)

    edit: I've got a gun and I'm not afraid to use it :D
  2. From one who was involved in CND (though ill-educated) I can give a simplistic and biased reply.

    With the Thatcher/Reagan relationship, Cruise missiles and the Neutron Bomb, there was a definite sense that (instead of being a deterrant) these weapons might be USED!!!! :omfg:

    So the government needed to try and delude people that there might be some way of actually SURVIVING. :omg:

    CND responded with "PROTEST AND SURVIVE":
  3. Ah Bovvy, not only beautiful but brainy as well. An old man's fantasy indeed. The knackered old heart races. :wink:
  4. i like the bit that tells you to go outside, and stack things up against the wall. Any volunteers to go outside?
  5. Ah, but you were supposed to have bought a house protected from the immediate flash/blast and.. err.. It wouldn't have been much fun.

    Has anybody still got food and ammunition stored on the off chance ?
  6. Whenever I hear Patrick Allen's voice (voice-overs, adverts etc) it always takes me back to the early eighties and I still get a bit of a tingle in my spine.

    It was the matter of fact way he spoke about dealing with the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. Frightening looking back on it.

    Now, where's my fullers earth puffer bottle ?
  7. Well, thank you, Basso. :D

    But you have no idea what I look like? 8O

    And are unlikely to be much/any older than I am? 8O

    ...... and are possibly the only Arrse user not to have me on "Troll Filter". :oops:
  8. To be brutal, the Regan/Thatcher period was kiddies stuff, I lived throiugh the Cuban Missile crisis and you really did expect the sirens to go off, I can remember the count down to the point of no return for the Russian Fleet, now that was cary stuff, watching the Yanks and Russians playing chicken for real. Russia as we know flinched first.

    Our family seriously considered moving out of town to our holday cottage
  9. I went through a period in the mid-1980s (strangely, just after watching Threads and the Day After) when I couldn't sleep 'cos I was cacking it so much over when (not if) the mushroom clouds would go up..... I think I only got over it when I discovered what girls were hiding underneath their clothes...

  10. If you've still got one of the original Protect & Survive leaflets that were pushed through everyone's letterbox, look after it...........they fetch quite a few bob on evilBay!
  11. The cynic in me wonders whether the high recruitment levels of that era were due to soldiers having NBC kit on individual issue. Protect and Survive seemed a lot more feasible with an NBC suit and respirator...

    Personally, I wasn't too much worried until 1989 when the East Berliners started demolishing the wall. "This can only have one of two outcomes." I thought, and started stockpiling food and water (seriously!). Outcome 1 would have been the Berliners being machine-gunned off the wall and NATO forces charging across East Germany to rescue them, initiating WW3. Outcome 2 would have been the Soviets machine-gunning the Berliners off the wall and, realising that they'd lost the PR battle, charging across West Germany to gain as much ground as possible as a shock manoeuvre while everybody in the west was glued to the TV sets.

    The possibility that nobody would try to stop the Berliners from pulling the wall to bits didn't occur to me. If it had, I may have held off showing Mrs Puttees how to convert the kitchen (our strongest room) into a bomb shelter :oops: and making nightly trips to Sainsbury's to increase our stock of tinned food and bottled water.

    We can look back on it and laugh, but at the time, with a 2 year-old kid...
  12. I remember watching the animated film of 'When The Wind Blows' by Raymond (The Snowman) Briggs. I think Sir John Mills did the voice of the male character. I thoght this film was more chilling than both 'The Day After' and 'Threads'.
  13. The Barrat Homes TV adverts with him in the helicopter :D

    Anyone remember STV inadvertantly broadcasting the "four minute" warning?

    Caused a panic among the housewives at home who watched it. :D