Prostitutes, Officers, For the use of

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Forever_Brunswick_Green, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. If - theoretically speaking of course - an officer boasted to a group of SNCOs that he frequently resorts to the services of ladies of the night, would that be considered as failing the Service Test?
  2. Only if the prostitutes are in his CoC.

    That said, since the positions of OiC Brothel, Military, ORs and OiC Massage Parlour, Officers are currently vacant, then that unlikely to happen.
  3. What a job tho eh?!!

    Who would like to be the CO of the newly formed 1st Bn RRW??

    (Royal Regiment of Whores)
  4. I thought the service test was (as stated in Annex A to AGAI 67)....

    "Have your actions or behaviour adversely impacted or are they likely to impact on the efficiency or operational effectiveness of the Army?"

    If a terrorist group found this out, and blackmailed him (I'm assuming it's a him) to either hand over restricted material, or they'll tell the tabloids, that is "likely to impact" the "operational effectiveness" of his Unit, and therefore the Army.

    So I say Yes (but what do I know, I've only got 66 working days left)
  5. It's not really blackmailable stuff though is it? Unless he's married, I suppose, and even then it's not the sort of thing that would drive one to hand over restricted material.
  6. Only if he doesnt take said SNCO with him
  7. It may be a problem if he's been serviced by "Ladies from the Cabaret" rather than proven female bed pressers
  8. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    I'm not. I'm assuming it's a Her and having a fair old time.
  9. Depending upon the circumstances, and if it made him (or her!) a laughing stock within the unit, I could see that the CO might be persuaded that such behaviour failed the "Service Test".

    Unless, of course, it was the CO. LOL!

    Thinking aloud, I could see that the bachelor Major X entertaining 3*Page 3 girls in a posh nightclub and taking them back to his penthouse for a night of unbridled passion might be one end of the scale, and the married Major Y shagging the town bike behind the local pub for a tenner might be the other end.

    It all depends upon the circumstances....

  10. Please send location where this £10 bargain may be found
  11. "...Major Y shagging the town bike behind the local pub for a tenner might be the other end."

    Ah, but what officer would!? Go careful, you'll put people off joining if you suggest officers would go so low!


  12. Damn right! We need to maintain standards even in this louche age.

    And I would want at least my standard charge-out rate of £180/hour (or part thereof, subject to a minimum charge of £30) maintained for performing such a diddling duty, local bike or no. She could pay by cash or BACS.
  13. Major Y for a start, who is really Major Y******* Y********* R**. Persec means I cannot really identify him (or her).

    Unfortunately, I have also met a lot of officers who would stoop that low! ROFL!

  14. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    What if the officer is a her and the tom is a bloke? That's not such a pretty picture Mr D
  15. Bah. If this keeps happening, they'll have to start teaching the proper style of whoring when POs are at Sandhurst. How can the men respect an officer who whores badly?

    I don't recommend whoring, of course, but if it is going to be done then surely it should be done with spirit, no?