Prostitute Paid In Crisps

Looks like there's hope for even the most Munterish (is that a word?) of ARRSE Maidens ......

Prostitute paid in crisps
A prostitute in Oklahoma was so desperate for business that she was caught having sex with a man in exchange for a box of crisps.
Police followed Lahoma Smith's vehicle and discovered her and a man engaged in sexual activity inside.
She told officers that the man asked for her sex but did not have and cash so they struck a deal by which he gave her the crisps.
Cheese and onion by any chance?


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Nope, certainly Prawn Cocktail.
Is this a new Walkers advertising campaign? Was the punter Gary Linekar?


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Mr_Deputy said:
Imagine that. Gary Lineker after a few days as a guest of Hugh Grant in LA and a few lines of cocaine 'sees the light' and goes curb-crawling downtown at midnight for "crack ho's" with a back seat brimming with free Walker’s Crisps. Shouting out “Oh yeah I’m the King of Chips. The Crispy Potato King. Who wants to ride with ME!! Roar! For I NEVER buy my own snacks. I am the fcking snacks. I made them what they are.”
I can't, and I'm mildly worried that you can!
Is that all you can manage, hard words?


CavalryCaptain said:
Pork Scratchings....shudder
Oh cheers matey 8O they're my favourite snack, now every time I see a bag I will be thinking of some skanky ho instead of crunchy goodness :(
" they struck a deal by which he gave her the crisps."

.... and she gave him the clap.
Pork Scratching with Knob Cheese and Fetty Swanny Juice as a dip.... Yuck, Yuk....yuck....

Bbbbbbauauauaggggggggrhh..... :oops: :cry:
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