Prospects for a hopeful cripple?

Alright lads,

Great site, good to see the human side of the Army behind all the official MoD recruitment lingo. I'm currently an undergraduate student and recently I've seriously been considering joining the armed forces. At my university I've made friends who are a part of the University OTC and they have really inspired me to look into a career in the Army. Unfortunately I suffer from a mild physical disability which limits my walking (I'm not in a wheelchair or on crutches, but walking around isn't the easiest of things after a few hours) so this somewhat limits my chances. In light of this limitation I'm very keen on joining the Intelligence Corps if I can, though I know there is a minimum physical requirement. Could anyone tell me about their personal experience with the Commissioning Course or any physical aspect of their training, and whether it would be unrealistic for me to sign up? Please speak frankly, I won't be insulted - it's why I've asked. And no snide comments, I really couldn't give less of a f*uck about cowards who waste their time insulting people on online forums :)


Your best bet is to go to the recruiting office, though I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.
crow bag is being generous. Full mobility is required for all Corps and Regiments in the Army, irrespective of what their daily work may be. The Sally Army might be a better choice.
Selection for officer entry requires you to be able to run to level 10.2 on a bleep test at briefing and main boards, plus assault course and command tasks, and at pre-commissioning course briefing an 800m warm up run followed by a 1.5 mile run in under 10.5 mins.

On top of this you will participate in numerous squadded/individual walks/runs, public order training requiring movement at walking and run pace whilst carrying extra equipment which limits mobility etc etc. You will carry out gym sessions and take part in adventure training of various types.

IMHO I would probably scrap the idea now, as has been previously stated full mobility is required - you carry out all the training if an infantry soldier as well as learning all the skills it requires to lead soldiers in the field.


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A crippled student? Did you recently gain a bit of notoriety by getting filled in by the rozzers at a protest?
The Army is in the process of shaving numbers from its manpower. That means all the guys who arn't fit enough to deploy due to injuries sustained mythically (cold weather etc) or pure accidental or indeed in combat will be at the top of the tree to be binned.
Dont want to be harsh but you've got fcuk all hope.
Why dont you concentrate on joining some organisation that works closely with the armed forces, MOD, Defense companies, RAF, that kind of thing.

Best of luck.
I'm afraid that you are not going to pass any sort of Army initial training with what one would describe as a physical disability. The bottom line is that all soldiers must be able to fight, that is one of the things that separates them from civil servants.

Clearly the only people who say categorically that you are unfit to join are the recruiting office, "if you don't ask, you don't get..."
Check the fitness standards - if you can do those, shouldn't be a problem. However I really wouldn't hold your breath - good luck, but find a back-up plan. The ACF will almost certainly take you, depending on exactly what you want from it
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you haven't got a chance. If your uncomfortable after being on your feet for a couple of hours how will you survive the first weeks on the drill square wearing the heaviest boots known to man? There is no allowance for where you want to end up. For example on the jr term final ex your on your feet in full fighting order for pretty much the majority of the day, running up hills, with stretcher/ammo resupplies etc and the DS still expect the same level of effort from someone who is going to be a teacher in the AGC as a wannabe Para.


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Considering applications are currently at an all time high and the Army is turning away people who once had a mild case of Eczema when they were four years old, I'd wager that your chances of getting in are nil.

Try the RAF, it's full of genetically deficient mutants, you'll probably be the most able bodied ****** there.
If you are interested in Intelligence work, join MI5. They are a civil service outfit and as such are signed up to Disability Regulations
On the MOD CS side, the physical requirements for deploying to theatre are pretty minimal (walk a mile and a half wearing body armour and helmet and climb into a truck, IIRC), so even if you joined the MOD you can still deploy on the operations, too.
Thanks for all the advice guys, very helpful indeed. To be honest I was expecting the worst, but I'll be going to an Armed Forces recruitment center tomorrow to hear it from the horse's mouth, so to say... not getting my hopes up too much though. Funny you should mention the RAF - I've considered it in the past as my grandfather fought in the Battle of Britain and he's been a real role model in my life. I'll definitely be asking about it tomorrow. And good idea about MI5 @ooooh_matron - I already get free parking because of my disability, why not a job too?! ;)

Anyway thanks again, and best of luck to anyone who's on their tour of duty or will be soon.

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