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Hi Folks - first off, a quick Hello!
I've posted in a couple of other sections of the board, but this is my first time venturing into the REME pad.

As per the title, I'm a prospective armourer. As a more "mature" bloke I decided to pick something that interested me as a trade - and that's fiddling with weapons (ooh'er - sounds a bit odd when you read that back to yourself!).

I've spent some time in the "Joining Up" forum, and would just like to throw out a couple of more corps/trade specific questions to those with the experience.

First of all; Once qualified and out of phase 2 at SEME - how do things work re' postings?
Would I be automatically drafted to somewhere particular, or would I have the chance to show an interest in particular openings.
I do understand that later on I can show a preference for certain postings (although I know there are no promises here), but am just unsure how it works straight out pf phase 2.

Also; how does it work? - would I be asking "Please can I be Posted to 4 Rifles, 1 R.Anglian, or 7 REME please" - or would I simply be asking "can you please post me somewhere in the southern half of the UK"?

- The only reason I ask is that I'd like to think I'd be able to have postings where I'm within driving distance of my children for the weekends (when I'm not deployed on ops/exercise).

For info, I'm already part-way through the recruitment process - BARB is done and am just going through the motions with medical & ADSC (have already completed both recently as a prospective infantry STAB, so in theory I know I should be fine).
Armourers at the moment are sent where required due to a shortage, the replacement posting for my collegue at a infantry unit has been cancelled. The posting prefence allows you to make three choices, asking for specific units and getting them will be very unlikely, the best you can get really is UK South and UK North. However, everybody always asks for UK North and there are not enough north posting to go around. :)



You can write what you like on the Posting Preference Proforma (PPP) but the best way to fill one in at the stage your at (assumed Class 3 Armourer) is to pick what is important to you (location, type of unit etc) and start with the ideal and work outwards with your choices in a logical fashion eg:

6 Bn REME.
Any Tidworth unit.
Any South UK unit.

This gives MCM Div the chance to see exactly what you want but also gives them an option for posting you somewhere else that you would be happy with if your first choice is not available.

In your situation (Cl 3 Armr) your first posting is likely to be to a 2nd line unit (REME Bn) so your options are fairly limited, however you should receive advice on this come the appropriate time on the Phase 2 course.

The most common mistake on PPPs is for people to put unrealistic units\options and not working logically - for example:

Falkland Islands

This does not leave MCM Div much chance to find you a slot somewhere that you would be happy with if there are no slots in your preferred locations.

It does remind me of a bloke who submitted something similar to a PPP on which he simply wrote:
"Anywhere hot"
The CSM's response when he handed it to him:
"This is the Army not Thomas fcuking Cook - sort it out"

Good luck with your application.


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Chances are every one on your course will be given a posting then between you you can do a bit of horse trading with records to try and please th bulk of the people. They used to give the guy who came top on the course the pick of the postings.

Devilishdave said:
They used to give the guy who came top on the course the pick of the postings
Now there's an incentive to do well, if ever one was needed!

I'm not the fussy type (and nor am I trying to use the army for a Cyprus-type posting) - to be honest, I'll be happy with anywhere south of Scotland for my first posting (when the time comes), so it looks like things should be fine.

Thanks for the info!
Picatinny_Rail said:
vampireuk said:
However, everybody always asks for UK North and there are not enough north posting to go around. :)
Except for all the southeners who ask for UK South.... :)
Don't kid yourself, deep down every southerner wishes he could live in the North and be a real man. :)

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