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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by inbredyokel666, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. I debated posting this on here, as it makes me look like a bit of a tool.
    But after seeing the pond life trying to advertise on here, I felt it important enough to give it a separate topic..

    This all took place between Jan 06 and May 06 (or possibly June).

    After a job in late 05 I found this lot while trawling for companies that were hiring.This all took place between Jan and May 06 (possibly June).

    The main point of contact was one R** S***** (currently masquerading on here as markc4133, I found out this is one of several pseudonyms), he claimed his background was “sshhh you know who”, as were all of the directors of "the company" (I found out later, "the company" was one man working in one of the larger security companies).
    After a couple of emails to sound them out and even though alarm bells were ringing, and even though the site wasn’t fully finished, I sent them a copy of my CV and paypal’d £50 in the first week of Jan 06, after that I heard sod all (as I said bit of a tool on this one).
    I emailed them mid-Feb, asking why the site wasn't finished and why I hadn't heard anything from them. Why I couldn’t access most of the web site etc.
    Site rebuild, going slower than expected, problems on the ground in Iraq etc.
    The excuses ranged from the one company director being killed, the finance director being out of the country in South America and thus not being able to deal with problem (I asked for a contact number for him in South America…I didn’t receive a reply on that one).
    What made me get more assertive, was a notable email toward the end of March, informing me that the jobs were not for the feint of heart...I blew up at this one, as they obviously hadn't read my CV , I sent a snotagram back to them. (I was a bit slow to start in the assertion department, especially after the lad had done me up the hoop)
    At the same time I was doing background on this lot.
    I spoke to a couple of mates, asked on the CP forums, two guys confirmed they had done the same as me, but had written the money off and chalked it up to bad experience.
    I then called all of the companies "advertising" on the site (and there were a lot, in many different countries), not one person I spoke to had heard of them.
    I then called the Office of Fair Trading and The Department of Trade and Industry for advice, and did a background check at credit gate.
    The addresses for the company were bollox. I found a company in the same building and called them. They had been there since the building opened and had never heard of Proshield. There was another listed in Atlanta, the zip code was wrong, I never bothered to try it.
    In the end, I sent an email to them stating that if I didn't receive my cash with x amount of days, it would be my estimation that they obtained money through fraud and deception.
    I would also go the police, the DTI, the OFT, every chat room and every security web site that I knew of and let them know what they'd been up to.
    About a month later, he came back to me with a request for my address, again strange that one, as it was on the top of my CV.

    A cheque turned up around a month later, with a poorly scrawled note on a scrap of paper, saying “best wishes”.

    In short, DO NOT go near this lot…“they” are total and utter s***.
    It’s a source of disbelief and amazement this clown is still going
    It’s a small world on the CP circuit, and although I don't do it anymore, I have several mates who do.
  2. Just looked at their website and its amatuer at best, with stock photos and bland briefs on limited roles it claims to perform.

    Interestingly no credits from any contracts they have been involved with, a basic for a high level player.

    Disappointing that Ronin are advertising with such small fry with dubious qualities.

    First I have heard of them and I have been in Baghdad since 2004 as a multilevel operator. My advice would be to avoid at all costs as they seem to be scammers.

    No reputable company would want any money off a prospective employee.
  3. Sorry if I perhaps wasn't very clear, Ronin and the other forty or so companies aren't advertising.
    I beleive its a case of theft of intellectual property and false advertising.
    I phoned Mr Irvine-Smith (the owner of Ronin) and spoke with him at length, and like everyone I spoke to at the time, not one person had heard of this lot.
  4. Yep your a div

    But good skills burning this lot if they are a blag. Be interesting to see how many arrsers have had a dabble with them/him
  5. No need to be harsh!

    They have had their dramas, although I picked up work with them on three separate occasions, and so did my para mates of mine! Don't judge a company by the website or not replying to mails

    I know they lost a director in Baghdad in '05, shot on BIAP road.

    They offer £5 service for those not convinced, and when they get leads and other members they are good at dishing out the freebies!

    I'm on a medical gig in Cape Town for four hundred a day cos of them, and have great links to the yanks and UN. Without sounding like a right arsekisser, they do have some connected blokes

    I did time with Triple, Sabre and I would rather be with these guys! They sound!
  6. Yep right!!
  7. My spidey senses are going into overdrive with Freddy's post! 1st time poster defending a very suspect company one window licker

  8. sniff! sniff! Anyone around here smell something......?! :roll

    Bottom line-it's a mickey mouse website and the whole scam stinks. I wager a fair few people have been suckered in by it thinking that it's only £50/100 and they can write that off-multiply that by the amount that actually signed up and it's a nice little racket.
    Fellas-DO NOT PAY MONEY TO GO ON SOMEONE'S BOOKS!! It's in the same vein as 'do our course and we guarantee you a job'.
    Learn from other's mistakes-don't rely on a form of 'ex-forces brotherhood/code of honour' ideal either. Where money & greed are in the frame that all goes south trust me.