Prosecuting PIRA fugitives not in the public interest

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whiskybreath, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. From the Guardian:

    There seems to have arisen in this age of moral uncertainty, and certainly in Hain's eyes, a measure of equivalence between the OTRs (whose responsibility for some of the most obscene crimes of recent decades in Western Europe is generally well-established) and members of the Police and Army who have merely been accused of crime, usually by those members of the terrorist gangs they pursued, and he intends to concrete that equivalence by treating them all to the same lack of natural justice.

    That's NuLab's principle for you.

    (...and incidentally, SB aren't the only people still in possession of potentially embarrassing items of information, not by a long chalk. Hain should, perhaps, think a little longer.)
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if any hypothetical efforts made to sanitise any member of the Government's record, for example - and not by any means implying that he or she might have had one, you understand - had been unsuccessful and that someone, somewhere, had a certified true copy tucked away.
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Wonder if this is further 'encouragement' to get Gerry to sign up for the policing board.Over the past few years nothing happening here supprises me anymore.
  4. I think it certainly would not be in the public interest to fund and carry out apprehension and prosecution of PIRA fugitives. However it would very much be in the human race's interest for somebody from Box to quietly have them put to sleep...As for costs, of course two of the easiest to find are standing up in the Norn Eyrish Assembly...quick look at the day's order paper and bingo two nicked!
  5. ...and possibly some public scrutiny of surveillance tapes and film under the 30-year rule. I live for the day, but know that political expediency will rule.
  6. Hain should certainly think a LOT longer. If some of the above got into the Public Domain there would be much blushing and fart1ng.

    I forget who made the TV series 20 odd years ago (Robert SNU ANK?) on the History of Ireland. He described being a tout as one of the oldest of Irish traditions.

    I'm with Cuddles on this one - an RTA or two, some of the worst cases of suicide seen etc. :threaten:

    Oh and Hain is cnut!
  7. Nice little article in the Times today alleging that McGuinness lied under oath in the Bloody Sunday enquiry. No shit Sherlock !!

    The whole Ulster business has alot of hidden truths that might just slip out if this witchunt continues against those who stood on the side of law and order.

    But of course law and order is not something that New Labour have much regard for. We have heard alot of allegations about collusion between Police/Army and loyalists to murder Catholics.

    There are many interesting cases conveniently not making the headlines which could indeed suggest that the real story behind collusion is a little more 'interesting' than some in Sinn Fein would like to admit.

    The whole lot of them are rotten to the core.
  8. Interestingly, reading the Telegraph today, there was an article about "Gangs in new Britain", concerning some North London scumball. Astonishingly, almost everything said about said scumball - named Adams - could truthfully be applied to another Adams of great infamy and dishonour in Northern Ireland.

    "No one is untouchable," said David Cook, head of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca). "No one is beyond the law or too hard for us to take on."

  9. Can't find it - any chance of a link DC
  11. Sven, I got it from the frontpage of todays edition plus page 5. I cannot find it on the online version.
  12. Here you go. It seems that the search function on the Times site is royally buggered at the moment. Not surprising really considering who they have as the sponsor.
  13. Against public interest? I'm public- I'm more than interested in seeing the murdering scum strung up too, does that count?
  14. Well yes all totally understandable in the new warm and fuzzy Britain of Bliar really. Olive branches, burying hatchets and all that. Just a pity it looks more like a massive daisychain than anything else.
  15. Take a leaf out of MOSSAD, no lines, no borders and no time limit! get the bastards :frustrated: