Proscibed organisations, groups and religions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BiGbAddAbOOm, Feb 11, 2006.

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  4. Why stop at Muslims?

  1. In my dim and dark distant memory I remembered that if you were applying for certain goverment jobs, be it civil service, local goverment or armed forces, and you were a member or had been a member of certain organisations, political parties or faiths you could be blacklisted from applying for the job.

    I remember on the questionaire I filled out prior to joining the army, one of the forbidden faiths along with the moonies was the Jehova witnesses.

    As it seems Muslims put their faith before the values, laws and customs of this country should they be added to the list? Assuming there was a modern day list drawn up? Who else should be considered for the blacklist?

    Serious and funny suggestions wanted :)

  2. took me a miliseconds to click no here. As long as people are screened properly to stop the obvious undesirables but stop a whole group purely because they share a religion with a group of hypocritical nut jobs is not the answer
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    How about membership of ARRSE? :twisted:
  4. Yin as all members of Arrse are fine upstanding citizens, free from suspicion of wrong doing, proof of membership of this fine forum would mean automatic approval for the job applied for :D
  5. I don't think they should be stopped from joining the military. I am sure all the proper screening and observation would be done beforehand so not to leave any room for doubting an individual. As long as they value the country enough to serve it and as long as their superiors decide that they are not a threat then I say have them. The more, the better.
  6. if you had wriiten "SOME Muslims put their faith before..." blah blah, then you might have got more sympathy!

    i assume all recruits still have to take the oath of allegiance to the Queen at attestation? please tell me there are still no exemptions on any grounds, religious or otherwise...
  7. Not looking for sympathy, and I have not voted on the pole, but would vote no, my father (who is in doting old age and still thinks he is part of an empire) was visiting this morning and mentioned about when people were interviewed by him for civil service posts in the seventies and sixties, certain organisations, faiths and political groups were barred from being considered for a post if they were members of certain groups, this jogged my memory about my own 'sign up' for the army and having to read a page of proscribed groups, organsiations and faiths and signing that I was not a member or had ever been a member of the groups listed, some groups I could remember listed was the National Front, Communist Party, CND, Moonies and of course as already mentioned Jehova Witnesses, so I wondered what the opinion would be now days if the same policy was still in place, I feel certain some civil servant would have included the Muslim faith. My father told me at one time for certain posts in the civil service being a member of the labour party (not a voter but a paid up party member) could get you barred from jobs attached to the Americans (airbases etc) and embassy jobs.