Pros/Cons of being a Man/Woman..



Well a plus side of being a bloke is you can piss standing up!

A plus side of being a woman is you can feign 'frailty' when you want some sucker to help you.

Downside of being a bloke is having to shave every morning

Downside of being a woman is having to shave every morning

So let the debate begin.......

oh another downside to being a woman is the blobbing every month.
I'm staying as a bloke, its getting cold and I want to be able to stand out in the cold without my nipples growing to the size of rolos.


Yes but your knob will shrink to the size of an acorn (that's assuming it's not that size already).

That's another downside to being a bloke.
Being a bloke is brilliant......

As soon as I have some reasons why, apart from the willie thing, you'll be the first to know
Hahahhaa it's only up 4 a day while I get a more suitable Logo...

Summat to do with TA...Just trying to find summat catchy that rhymes.

Yes, I have already binned "Gay"

Maybe something that includes Pay and "training day"
Oh and it's my Birthday.....

Blokes a poet, and don't know it...

Spooky  ;D


plus to being a bloke - you can shag around and be known as a 'stud'

minus to being a woman - you can shag around but are known as a slag

minus to being a bloke - certain underwear can chafe those dangly bollocks

plus to being a woman - we don't have this problem


another plus to being a woman - we can sit with our legs crossed and people don't assume we're gay!


another plus to being a woman - we can sit with our legs crossed and people don't assume we're gay!
Where on earth did you get that idea from...?

Oh no.... is that where I've being going wrong all these years... dash it, that must be why I'm still single!!  
If I was a woman I would play with my tits all day. In fact, come to think of it I don't know why women DON'T do this. I would positivly encourage it, especially if i could watch!


Bonus for men:

You get paid more and are taken seriously.  ;D

You don't demand equality and then when the going gets tough use the three Ts - Teeth Tits and Tears to get what you want. ;D

You can go to Spearmint Rhino with your mates when you're back in London and spend your hard earned cash on private dances... apparently ::)

1. We can, if we choose, dance at Spearmint Rhino and part daft, libidinous chaps from their cash!
2. Vibrators
3. We can improve on nature with make up, we smell nice and we look better in stockings than men
4. We can grow and deliver the next generation - a beautiful thing!

Boo for....

agonising over what to wear to black tie events
A civil servant is challenging a government department after he was forced to wear a collar and tie for work.
Ian Jarman says the new rule is an example of sexual discrimination - because women can wear what they want.

He is being backed by his trade union which is planning to take the case to an employment tribunal.

Mr Jarman, who has worked for the Department for Work and Pensions in Moseley, Birmingham, for the past 26 years, said he had never had to wear a tie to work before.

The dress code was introduced in June this year and since Mr Jarman has had two disciplinary hearings because he refused to follow the new rules.

He said he had been wearing a tie since September but only because he risked losing his job if he did not comply.

"Women are allowed to wear an open shirt and trousers, many even wear a t-shirt," he said.

"If I wear an open shirt without a tie it's a disciplinary offence for which I could potentially get the sack - it's sex discrimination.

"A lot of my male colleagues aren't happy about the new dress code."

A spokeswoman from the Department for Work and Pensions said they would not comment on individual cases.

"The dress code was introduced in April to give a more professional appearance to staff who deal with members of the public," she said.

"We require a smart and professional image from all of our staff, but there is no specific requirements for women."


Bloke bonus:   Able to reverse cars.

Chick bonus:   Cars last longer when you only use a couple of the gears.

Bloke bonus:    Able to drink 12 pints and still be hilariously funny....

Chick bonus:   12 pint bloke will find you even more attractive, funny, desirable, and will lavish slobbery attention on you.

Bloke bonus:   Able to walk past a mirror and out of the house at the first attempt.

Chick bonus:    Able to coordinate clothes with clothes.


9 men can p"ss in the same bucket simentaniosly where as 9 women could´nt(if they could it would be some size bucket)
isn´t it amazing how women can bleed so much and still live that has got to be a pro in the eyes of a bird.
the con of being a man is after a night on the p"ss you might wake up to find a horror in your bed, the pro for the horror of a woman she got a good roggering the con being not knowing when she´ll get it next. 8) 8) 8) 8)

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