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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by JWRRC318, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. After, it seems, hundreds of posts asking for advice on which job to go for, and the inability of certain 'recruits' to use the search function, I had an idea; we could set up a thread where you all post the pros and cons of your job. If it's a shyte idea or has been done before (I did search it, but could only find threads with the pros and cons of one job in particular), the MODs can just bin it. Hopefully it might prevent a constant stream of threads asking for advice on which job to pick...
    Here's my 20p worth...

    Combat Medical Technician...
    -You get to save people!
    -You get to be on the frontline in deployments
    -You have the chance to be attached to other regiments such as the para's
    -It sets you up well for if you want to be a paramedic on civvie street
    -Most people have a lot of respect for them
    -Higher pay band for most ranks

    -In reality, there's not actually that much saving lives, more painting boxes and putting up tents
    -There's also a lot of answering phones at hospitals and filing paperwork for doctors etc
    -It's not even the equivalent of an ambulance technician in civvie street
  2. I thought that nowadays if you want to be a civvy paramedic then you have to go off to college to do a course; it's no longer possible to move from civilian EMT or military CMT to paramedic directly?
  3. Erm, I'm not entirely sure, because depending where you're planning on living when you come out of the Army, will depend on whether you have to go to Uni. Where my family live, the ambulance trusts policy is (as of about a year ago, when I last checked) that if you come out of the Army as a CMT, you can do a shortened course to become an EMT, whereas civilians, fresh out of school would have to be a Patient Transport Service EMT, then work their way up, so being a CMT sort of fast tracks you. And yeah, a CMT isn't the same as being a paramedic, even if the recruiting office do say that it's the 'equivalent'. However, I know that most ambulance trusts are thinking of scrapping the EMT and only having paramedics, where you have to go to University to do a degree in paramedic sciences. Don't quote me on that though, it may just be a rumour. =]
  4. South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) only offer this as an option to become a paramedic. The EMT role has ceased as we know it now for new recruits and the only roles open for front line ambulance service is, I believe:
    Emergancy Care Assistant (ECA): (A sort of Health Care Assistant with Blue light skills and basic medical training)
    Trainee Paramedic : These are ECA's who are doing Uni at the same time over a three year degree to then qualify as a state registered Paramedic.

    I've a freind who joined as an ECA and then managed to get on the trainee Paramedic course at Brookes University (She had just completed a uni access course to bring her up to Uni standard, but they weren't recruiting at that time for paramedics)

    So for SCAS, unless you''re up to uni standards, recent good 'A' levels etc. you would need to do an access course at the local college possibly as an evening course nearest to your barracks etc before you left.

    Again it all depends on where you live..
  5. Pants thread!!!
  6. Sorry! I did say if it was shyte the MODs could bin it, twas only an idea to stop hundreds of threads being posted asking whether they should be a gunner or a RMP...
  7. When you first posted I thought it was a great idea for a thread as I'm looking at becoming a medic.

    People ruining it though to be honest.
  8. Yeah, I hoped that we could have a thread which just had a massive kind of dictionary of peoples jobs and their opinions on it for newbies to look at and weigh up their options... still I tried!
  9. The main reason I was going to me a CMT was to become a paramedic afterwards. At least this thread has helped me realise that it's not really an option now.
  10. I don't know whether this is actually the case, but if I looked at it from a civilian/NHS recruiter's point of view I would more likely pick someone who had been a CMT for however many years to train to be a paramedic over some random civilian without any clinical/trauma experience. You probably find on civi street there's a lot of competition for jobs like that and I reckon being a CMT or EMT already would kinda stand you head and shoulders above the rest of the many other applicants in the long run.
  11. Yes, I have to say I agree with this. The Army will help you move to civvie street aswell, you're not just left and abandoned. =]
    Does anyone else want to put their job on here, or should we just bin it?
  12. You can apply to be a CMT after phase 1 can't you? Rather than applying for it from the off?
  13. That's one thing I'm wondering about phase 1, do you get your cap badge and beret at phase one stage and only train with people from the same regiment/corps, or do you not get that until phase 2 and get put with your reg/corps then?
  14. RetroMozza, check your PMs =]
  15. Have done, and replied. Ta