Proposed UK terrorism policy: Necessary or Draconian

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Sep 17, 2005.

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  1. No, you will be safe, just do not ask any questions!

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  2. Yes, dissent will be punishable by extermination!

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  1. Inspector Clouseau (Charles Clarke on a lifetime quest to determine his arrse from his elbow) is planning to introduce legislation that will allow the police to lock someone up for three months without charge (as opposed to 14 days) and that will criminalise the glorification of terrorism.

    Are these necessary proposals or the first step to a Nazi-style regime in this country?

    My outrage may be prompted by the prospect of being locked up for celebrating the Dear Leader's premature demise (if this occured) but I think I have more altruistic reasons.

    The only time you see suspected terrorists being locked up is at the same time that the government is proposing even tougher laws.

    My view is that this corrupt shower want to see an eventual situation in which dissent is only allowed on limited occasions (ie prior to a general election) and the term "terrorism" will apply to any form of opposition to policies or announcements made by government. Needless to say, dissenters will be locked up.

    Is this paranoid? Just think of the egregious shower we have in power (Blunktw@tt for example) and how far they have gone in the past to twist the rules or smear others, with fatal results on one occasion.
  2. Matthew Parris in the Times today: