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Proposed Training Changes Post Army 2020

i was reading with great interest the discussion sdr army son joined the royal artillery from school 2011 he is now 4/73.he then went onto complete the sas course,from there to complete the royal marines course, then he went on to complete the para pathfinders course,then he went on to complete a commando course he does not regard himself as a special forces soldier or an elite soldier,but a gunner he can deploy as an independent unit but also move around with all regiments mentioned above with air assault brigade.i dont know about army politics ,cost cutting,streamlining the only course my son didnt attend was the sbs and wondered if the poster who wrote that the sas and sbs might be merged has some truth to it.any input would be very much welcome p.s my son wears a khaki beret.

You and your son are a pair of lying cnuts.


I am sure you will have read this:

There are always the base jungle drums and changes to training; as I am currently working in a Hampshire Phase 2 Establishment, I am privy to some ludicrous buzzes, so I can only speak for RN reshaping. But The Logistics school in Torpoint is moving to the Tri-Service Logistics School at Worthy Down and there was talk of a Tri-Service engineering school..

If you read between the lines, you will see there are moves afoot. But with only 3 years before the 2020 Vision is going to hit the streets. We still have to combine two of the biggest training bases in Western Europe. that is just the Navy, especially as most of 3 CDO HQ are going to end up in HMNB Devonport as the 'Centre of amphibious excellence'.

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