Proposed retirement home

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by subbsonic, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. Now starting to look like a script from Holby City, the operatives thread has been severely dragged of track by a number of Veterans.

    It is starting to look like ICA may need to think about opening a care home for the elderly. There are three, now four*, questions:

    1. Where should it be located?
    2. Who do you think should be admitted?
    3. Should E2 and non-Corps G2 Staff officers be allowed?
    4. Nomination for Chief Executive

    My tuppence worth:

    1. The Cameron Highlands, the Dawnwatchers need it more than most of the currnet Arrse Veterans. In 2020 is should move to the promonade at Ballycastle

    2. TMA, FMB, as early residents, a few ME / MOTORMAN back sufferers, Seamus and WB as out-patients> In the liver-transplant / substance abuse recovery wing , Jock SQMS in the corner with his Bodrhan, mandolin and whistle, entertaining a number of recovering 7 Int Coy rubber-solution glue addicts.

    On a side ward- some exploding wallet and briefcase trauma victims.
    There should also be a short-term stay ward for would be-recruits who think they are joining TREADSTONE or BLACKBRIAR. This could include those who turn up at Templer TDW with polo sticks in their luggage, whilst sporting a British Warm and a monacle. Some transferee officers who think they understand the Intelligence Corps soldiier may also end up in here.

    Another unit will deal with RSI victims from 3SCT, IDM and ex-rotory pilots. Someone may care to pick up on aftercare for would-be elite-security consultants coming out of the DI24 and AHO communities.

    3. Yes: on the grounds that it will provide more p155 taking opportunities, it will certainly attract a few former "operatives"

    4. Mrs Raven: I think there will be a robust selection of fine wines available if we select the correct CEO.

    PPS: If there are any out there who are wavering, I should add that the home will have an analysis cell will www access. With the number of authors-in-residence, the Service will need to provide a separate Disclosure Cell, on site. I'm pretty sure we can find an industrial sponsor for the link to DII(F) over SATCOM / VPN :wink: :wink:

    In your own time : Carry On!

    * fcuk, there are now so many edit's its starting to read like the "Spanish Inquisition" script !
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  3. i can't wait till i get out. you obviously have shitloads of time on your hands subbie :)
  4. This guy looks like he should be the Padre for 3 MI (V), he seems to do voiceovers and public speaking as well. :evil: I was hoping we could have kept this sort of thing to the "Operatives" thread. Your thread discipline is pretty shi'ie.*

    Must be your St Martin's** creative side, however I sense that your tendencies towards Moholy-Nagy's constructivism, will be frowned on round here. Try the long-lost Threat Artist and your fellow graduate of the Cosford School of Graphic Arts . He will doubtless provide with an engaging interlocutor on topics such as Gravure. I know, that like you, he draws inspiration from proximity to the sea, and still burns a candle for Fox-Talbot!
    * almost as bad as you map-reading between Dortmund and Hannover>

    **Or was it Aberystwyth Poly?
  5. Mrs Raven will be very happy to organise the wines although the emphasis will be on fizzy French stuff - cheaper than petrol now I suspect. I will happily surrender my motor for a bus pass and a discount shoppers card in order to stock the cellars of this fine establishment.
  6. [quote="subbsonic* almost as bad as you map-reading between Dortmund and Hannover>

    All those years ago and you had to bring up what was probably one of our best 1771 claims ! We were not lost just that I could not get my head around the new INGRAM method ! Mind you those 4 extra days/nights got my kids into Hereford Cathedral Prep School and a SMEG walk in fridge !

    My wife still has not worked out that LOA was not a special tax and why I still keep a couple of silk maps in the glove compartment - in case of non resilience of the satnav in the new company SUV of course. Thinking of which perhaps we can get it logo' ed up with a RED CROSS to pick up new patients from here:

    **Or was it Aberystwyth Poly?[/quote]

    No - Lampeter Dear Boy - no subversive educational establishment for me !

    By the way remind what colour was the Map Room door ?
  7. Perhaps you just need to aim a bit higher. I was hoping that the manner and style of the CEO's transport would match the manner in which residents would be transported on outings.

    As a hint I know of one CEO, in South Bedfordshire who has just traded his comapny Lexus LS in for a Merc 600. :wink:
  9. Subby - In respect of location if you are really quick you could always put a revised application in for proposed development of this magnificent site -

    especially as the one remaining building is listed and has already has a small Sports & Social Club license.

    Sadly STAR taxis no longer are in business !

    Bound Apprentice - As I was one of the first to appreciate Green Issues - not that I ever wore army type uniform as the civvie clothing allowance kept me going for at least 20 years ! - I got another of my outstanding grades on my annual confidential report based on that nature reserve and bridge concept !

    Did me no good as unfortunately, my last one on leaving the service was very similiar to yours "Has a great future behind him"

    The insufferable arrogance of human beings to think that Nature was made solely for their benefit, as if it was conceivable that the sun had been set afire merely to ripen men's apples and head their cabbages. ~Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac, États et empires de la lune, 1656

    Google Earth reports that it is now a Tescos ! The Marsh Arabist, 2008

    Now where did I hide that yellow stickie with the password for the ADASTRA account ?
  11. I perved at Repton Manor once.

    I want the room nearest to the bar, with a bed that doesn't wobble, at least four pillows and a potty that works. Incontinence has requirements.

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  12. Yes I did that once too! Back in '90 I was on a course in Ashford and there was a very nice girl from 6a, that I seem to think was not doing too well in trade training, but was helping out in the phot cell over there. I definitely perved that one!

    She could be one of the nursing staff at the suggested home - now that would be pleasant in my dotage!

    Assuming through some bizarre 4th dimensional anomaly that she has not aged since 1990.
  13. As I no longer drink, having survived many the session with Ronnie and Jimmy, I am considering the priesthood and will no longer require a liver transplant thank you! =|
  14. Have you had an out of body experience and enjoyed a recent session with these two gentlemen where the water of life never runs out? Was this visitation the cause of your enlightenment and in an effort to join the two of them on their current tour are trying the pious route to salvation?
  15. Thank fcuk, they will not have to put up with the guitar playing !!!

    and worse....."Have I ever told you about my guitar collection?"

    Pass my guide dog over will you? that sounds like my Greyhound Bus a-rolling down the road

    My old lady left me and took my old pattern stable belt and the map store key with her.....