Proposed plans to "tax" Motorists by the mile

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Disco, Jun 5, 2005.

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  1. New Labour looking at re-inventing the wheel (no pun intended) as part of congestion and pollution meaures are proposing a trail scheme where motorists will be charged by the mile rather than paying duty on fuel.

    Link at SKY News

    There has been quite a knee jerk to this proposal (and rightly so) for many reasons. Currently the Government get £40Bn a year from fuel duty and road Tax (of which only £4Bn is put back into roads). They believe that by introducing a mileage tax they can cut congestion by 50%.

    They have taken the totally wrong approach to this problem. Their solution of taxing will only harm people and communities while destroying buisness. Why are they not looking at the modernisation of our Motorway backbones or investing in more public transport schemes for inner cities.
    Who will pay the bill for road buisness such as logistics? It will be the customer of course, so prices will increase in supermarkets, in mail/courier and other services.

    It will hit soldiers hard too, we do a lot of travelling. Will this be covered by MMA? I very much doubt it!! You look at the main routes back from the UK`s main ferry and airport terminals. This will add a large cost to going on leave.

    Although they would probably argue that these box`s are passive no doubt the potential is there for some form of "tracking". Im not going to use "civil liberties" as an excuse but the next step is getting a speeding fine through the post becuase you were tracked for 100 miles doing 74mph etc.

    Hopefully this will be another one of those schemes that fails to get off the ground, however it will have cost a lot of public money first. Just who do they have as advisors coming up with plans which have had no real balance of input!
  2. This is the best suicide note from a political pary since the 1979 Labour manifesto that proposed unilateral nuclear disarmament. This county has a fetishistic love of cars. No one will pay £1 a mile to drive on roads that have always been free. Come on you Tories. Actually oppose this rubbish and you will win the next election by a landslide.
  3. It will be £1.34 on the busiest motorways according to the news tonight. Imagine that, 100 miles will cost more than the present road tax for a year in my car.

    I pity the younger lads who like to go home at a weekend to see their folks or the guys that serve away from their wives. This lunacy could become very very expensive. But like you said Muso, political suicide.
  4. Who VOTED for this bunch of parasites? Tax Tax and more Tax!

    Welcome to the new TAX AND SPEND PARTY folks. You give it they spend it on Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan.Aye Vote Labour,oops you already have.
  5. Notwithstanding the importance of perception in polititcs but "free at the point of use".
  6. Another proposal that will hit rural communities far harder than urban ones.
  7. Is'nt it a strange thing that this little item wasn't mentioned before the elections??

    Who writes their script? Remember the average motorist does somewhere in the region of 10-12000 miles per year. This is a conservative estimate of course. Picture the scene if your a taxi driver/lorry driver/sales man etc...

    Blair, take yourself around the corner and give yourself a good kick up the arrse.....

  8. Don't be so naive children.

    This is simply a GordonScareStory that is intended to make us feel grateful when he merely raises fuel duty in a year's time.
  9. I wonder if prescots two jags will have a tracker in them.

    A bloody gps system will cost more that my bloody rot box. I will go to ireland buy a car and bring it over here to drive on the ever so quiet roads.

    the cost of implimenting a plan will be far more than id cards or congestion charge or any other tech based hair brained scheme.

    I hate this government and have been telling myself this all day, i cant belive that some of my friends and piers actually think TB is doing a good job. It shows their ignorance and apathy something that is rife in this countries population. Maybe this is the kick in the pants the marginal voter needs to put us back in the hands of a government that does not beleive in "taking from the mildly better off, in ways that they don't realise"
  10. Two jags tracker yeh for sure, be free as will road charges for all MPs serving and retired and folks on income support and unmarried mothers, illigals Oh all useful citizens.
    Anyone out the cuntry for more then three months a year, No excuses, will recieve double charge.
  11. "PublicTransport" isn't an alrenative where I live & with the way my business works, so they can stick this proposal in the file marked "Stupid Ideas that might work in London" & leave it there. :x
  12. And of course there would be no way of blocking/interrupting the GPS signal reception? It's a generally poorly thought through idea.

    What wold be a better option is the introduction of Toll roads (See the French "Peage (sp?)" system for an example that works. £1 a mile or more is extorsionate. I'd put money on this scheme never coming to fruitition.
  13. Let's hope so. Leaving aside the prices (and the environmental whammy of charging a car that does 55mpg the same as one that does 10), I'm not keen on the idea of a black box that tells the Government - or worse yet some private company - exactly where I drive and when.
  14. link it in with the id scheme and they can charge fat people lots if they try to drive to the chip shop :) .mad idea which wont work :) but will cost us loads.
  15. Another reason to emigrate.

    Fuel in Oman cheap as chips. No surpise there really.

    Mind you not that many roads about to be charged on here.

    Actually use my 4x4 in anger every now and then.