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Proposed increases to NMC Fee!

What is the general consensus with regard to the proposed increase to £80 per year for our registration fee? (We know all about AHP fee's!)
The fee increases were set out by the NMC last year as part of a package of measures to get out of the financial black hole the old UKCC dug themselves into, the £22 million debt was passed on from the UKCC to the newly formed NMC. Its nurses and midwives who have no choice but to pay the fees (if they wish to carry on working that is) who will bail our regulatory body. In fairness to the NMC the UKCC probably should have increased fees years ago if only to keep pace with inflation. However the lease on their headquarters (Portland Place, London W1) is worth a cool £9 million and would have meant a significant cost saving if they had sold it and moved somewhere less expensive. I wrote to the president of the NMC to complain and got a pretty bland response about our fees being cheaper than other healthcare professionals etc etc. What he forgot to mention is that there are considerably more nurses, midwives and health visitors than any other group of healthcare professionals and therefore even a modest rise in fees per person (or "registrant" in NMC speak) brings in wods more cash. The NMC did initiate some in-house cost saving measures which included using the photocopier a bit less.

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