Proposed increase on alcohol prices

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taffnp, Jan 8, 2010.

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  1. Rumours are that the government is set to increase the price of alcohol in a bid to cut drunkenness and binge drinking.

    I find this most annoying in that they are punishing everyone for the crimes of the few.

    I honestly believe that the best way forward is

    A. If the person is in a coma and requires hospital treatment, then they should be charged the £532 fee as was proposed.

    B. They should be held until a fastrack court (Similar to those used for the football hooligans) is held on a Monday morning. They will then have to explain to their boss why they are not in work and pay a fine.

    I have looked at the ages at which it is legal to drink around the world

    Drink prices in Norway

    Drinking in Norway

    I was looking for some details on drunkenness and drink prices around the world to see if drunkenness does decline with an increase in prices.

    I imagine not, people will acquire cheap drinks or more likely brew their own.
  2. Just like they tax petrol for green reasons?

    The country has no money, alcohol is a fairly easy target (1p extra pint can be slipped in without to much fuss) and its a nice little earner bugger all to do with binge drinking, they would tax oxygen is they think they could get away with it.
  3. Can't see it myself as they have never stood up to the supermarkets before,as they destroy more independent traders selling goods below cost price. :x :x :x
  4. When we all stop bying fuel because it too expensive, and we give up smoking and drinking
    WTF are the Government going to get their tax
  5. Dont hold your breath :boogie:
  6. Air tax...?
  7. As a smoker, I am of the opinion that the ban has led to pub closures. However, what was an ordinary pleasure has become expensive.Last time I was in a pub, for our works Xmas meal, I bought a (admittedly large) glass of red wine and a pint of Guiness - £8.70.Won't be going back there. :x
  8. If access to booze is such a big issue, why are Supermarkets allowed to run deals that buy you 48 cans of beer for £18 ?
  9. I think that is what this tax is aimed at.

    Better still decrimalise dope/weed/hash and tax it.
  10. Europe has more alcohol available, the alcohol is cheaper, yet they do not have the same problems as britain. This is lies with the fact that in europe the authorities are not allowed to be walked all over.
    If you get pissed out of your bracket in the uk, the punishment is light!
    it is easier for politicians to tip toe around the problem, I was told in germany as that the GCP arrested someone who had puked down himself and could'nt stand up, the difference was he was being filmed, I was later told he was put in a cell overnight then taken to court the next day as he was dressed, still covered in puke, and was dealt heavily by the authorities.
    What happens in the uk is we do what we want and abuse who we want, we do not have the blx to tackle the problem head on :twisted:
  12. Yep and try chopsing off to a German copper, they have never heard of the softly softly approach and strangly enough they don't have half the problems.
  13. If you ever watched the Spannish Police on the Costa, they hand out summery justice, like you made a mess, you clean it up while I'm watching. Then a smack round the back of the head, commentator comes on saying it is acceptable in Spain for the Police to slap unruly youths!

    Next was two lads on a moped speeding away from the Police heading for the town, they (police) just drove into them, sending them flying accross the road! Spanish cop looked quite chuffed as he put them in the van, which was not going via the hospital!
  14. Blame Brown & Darling, both Scots with their snouts in the Westminster trough.
  15. Why shouldn't they? If I'm hosting a gathering of some description, 48 cans for £18 would be handy.

    The price of booze is never going to be a factor in curbing its misuse. Even if you put it out of reach of regular people, the 'moonshine' business will simply strike up and those who behave worse when drunk will continue to do so (whilst those who behave themselves will be denied).