Proposed cuts to size of every infantry battalion

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Ancient_Hush_Puppy, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. Knock knock can I come in please?

    Saw this piece by Sean Rayment in Telegraph Defence. Every infantry battalion to be cut to 520 men. I don't know how reliable the information is or if Mr Rayment has been correct with his scoops in the past . Certainly concerning that in addition to having cut numbers of battalions the Tories are now considering reducing numbers within those units and to a uniform number.

    Army infantry units to be slashed - Telegraph
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  2. I think this was covered before on here - The TA, sorry, Army Reserve will be used to 'fill the gaps' - 'be integrated into a defined role' or whatever phrase they are using to spin it this week.

    All those people leaving the army on redundancy will be flocking to join the reserves ensuring a fully manned and experienced armed forces.

    (Nearly typed with a straight face!) :)
  3. Straight face is easy, how did you type whilst your shoulders were shaking with the laughter.
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  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    well it is a way of reducing manpower without cutting old regiments and the fuss it causes. more importantly it means senior ranks jobs are saved at the expense of the juniors as usual
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  5. Which is fine as long as no majo op turns up in the next 10 years.
    Becasue we all saw bosnia, the falklands, afghanistan coming from miles away.:( etc

    Defence future policy weird shit happens trying to guess whats next is a fools game.
  6. Dont fret between 16AA + 3 Cdo Bdes, the next Bde callsigns will have time to moblise.
  7. Does this mean that there will be 520 man battalions, excluding any reserve increment or is this number including? According to the piece this will include the Guards who don't have any reserve battalions, where is it intended they will draw their increment from - the London Regiment?
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  8. This will come under the perennial lie and bullshit of 'lean & agile', a lie that has been trotted out by every defence secretary since the 80s when he cuts the military and further emasculates it. Politicians and Generals must think that we all came up the Clyde on a banana boat when they trot that bullshit out. Cuts are for economic agenda, nothing else and they leave the forces under-resourced and less able to deal with the next threat.

    I'd like to see the calculations and cost/benefit analysis for this latest heap of shit that passes for planning. FFS, we've just collectively failed in Iraq and Afghanistan and now we're denuding one of the few organisations that can have a real and lasting impact on future conflicts - particularly as we face a leaner and more agile AQ-inspired enemy moving into the Levant and N Africa, whose intent towards us is clear, unequivocal and who have a strategy that has more than a five year horizon. Not sure the TA (much as I love them and think that they fill a hole at section level) are a. capable of defeating the enemy, b. sufficiently well-manned to plug these gaping holes in the ORBAT, c. sufficiently motivated to want to undertake multiple tours and d. have the legal backing to support them in their future domestic battles with their employers.

    Soldiering on the cheap will end in tears.
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  9. don't think it's reliable. Not in other news sources
  10. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    Back in the 80s many battalions were understrength due to not being able to recruit enough bodies - mind you they had a decent sized TA volunteers to call upon for the shortfall come the annual FTX.
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  11. Decent= fatter or thinner?
  12. I think this is just a doom and gloom article about old news.

    It refers to the fact that Bns in the adaptive force will be back filled by AR. The numbers of a Bn orbat will remain the same but from its implementation the third Pl in each rifle company will be provided by AR.

    As far as I am aware this will not impact on units in the Reactive force. The Para’s will crack on as normal with 4 Para (AR) providing IRs or additional sub units as required. (The Duke may be able to confirm or correct this).

    The plan will defiantly apply to the Guards, at present it is planed that The Londons will provide troops to the Grenadiers. The Welsh Guards I belive are to be supported by the reserve Bn of the Royal Welsh (1 Royal Welsh being in the reactive force thus not needing back filling). I’m not sure as to the others 1CG,1SG,1IG, but I think 1SG may also be staying in the reactive force.
  13. The Guards will be rotating through the protected mobility role.
  14. All you ever get with less is less!​
  15. Amateurs.

    Try keeping a straight face when during an SJAR interview an LE Maj says (roughy) 'with these redundancies there will be a lot of quality blokes going to the TA'.