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For those meercats amongst us who don't venture out from the safe threads of 'just TA' may I recommend the light reading that is the discussion on the formation of a British Armed Forces Federation(BAFF) along the lines of the Police Federation (not a union, no strike powers) to represent soldiers interests:

or the BFBS 3 minute summary that sums it up quite well:

Question is does the house feel that the reserve forces should have it's own federation or should it be a part of the main federation if formed?

Our own federation would be more sensitive and focussed on the issues that affect the reservist but would not have the political clout that a united federation would.

Any thoughts welcome but try to keep it to the question posed - all the union bashing stuff has been done on the thread above!
Blyth it will be hard enough getting a tri-service Federation up as it is without diminishing the focus by talking about seperate Federations focusing on individual areas. If you have read through the main thread you will find that a number of issues that especially affect the TA are part of the discussion. In particular the disgraceful lack of support to TA returning from ops to find their jobs gone. Further, the families of TA soldiers called up for ops should receive the same level of support as their regular brothers. Yet they are not located at the unit base location unlike other families. They do not enjoy the support of the CoC and are left to their own devises. That is not good enough.

The whole idea of a centralised organisation with potentially 250,000 active members is that it will have punch and actually get things done. To split up the focus is mad. We are here to support Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen, regular and reserves. Concentration of Force.
I think that many (certainly myself) would feel that although a united federation would have more clout would it actually do the reserve forces any would they definitely devote as much time and effort to a genuine cause for complaint from a reservist as they would to a regular counterpart. For example a reservist who has taken a dramatic cut in pay to fulfill a mobilisation commitment, or a reservist who has suffered discrimination at work following a mobilisation ie looked over for a promotion he/she was guaranteed before they mobilised. These are just generalisations, never having been in either of those situations but I hope you get the point I'm trying to make. The reserve forces are currently IMHO the poor cousins of the regular forces in many aspcts... would this be another?
Good topic, just don't be put off contributing to the main Federation thread - plenty TA have already. As you know, the proposed British Armed Forces Federation is intended for serving Regulars, serving Reserve Forces, and ex-serving Reg and Reserves. It is expected that there would be separate subscription levels for each of these 3 groups, as they would not each require exactly the same range of benefits or generate the same costs.

I can confirm that those currently working on the federation proposals include reservists.

Stick with the main Federation, there's more safety in numbers. Plus it's more in keeping with the "one army" concept which the MOD continues to big up verbally and fails to deliver finaincially... :wink:

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