Proposed Birmingham Crawl

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by suits_U, Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. Saturday 31st October

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  2. Saturday 21st November

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  3. Saturday 28th November

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  1. I have been asked, nay, nagged by some people to organise a crawl in the bustling metropolis known as Birmingham.
    Now I know that most outsiders to my humble home city think it to be a bit of a shitehole (in some respects the may be right :D ). However past crawls held here have gone down well and the turnout has been pretty good.
    First thing first though is to set a date. I've included a poll, so it would be good if who ever is interested could select which date would suit them best and obviously the majority vote will win. See? Democracy can work :D.

    Just like the recent Uber successful London crawl, I would like this crawl to also be a money spinner for Hols4heroes.
    Further to the poll I also have a couple of other questions.

    Crawl T-shirt? Wanted or not
    Would the Members of our little shindig prefer Pub crawling or would they like to get their dancing shoes on and try out a few clubs?.
    Challenge coins will be compulsory.
    Last of all if anybody fancies lending a hand with the organising feel free to pm me :D
    Im happy to do as much of the organising as physically possible but Im pretty certain I'll need some sort of help or guidance with the fundraising effort.
    Ill try my hardest to find 'squaddie friendly' pubs that will let us fleece people of their hard earned monies for a brilliant cause and still put up with any or all mischief caused while doing so :D.
    I look forward to hearing any feedback or being told to shush and get back to the midlands hovel from whence I came.

    Cheers for reading
  2. I'm up for it, but first weekend in Dec is the "Traditional" London one, unless someone has arranged otherwise.
  3. Awww bollicks, my mistake, good spot slug, should have researched that one.
    I shall correct the poll!
  4. I'd be up for that however I'm not stepping foot in any gay nightclub again. I only went because PTP and yourself were begging to go to a gay club.

    You big hermers.... :wink:
  5. You forgot to add "NEVER" to the options. :D
  6. It was NOT my choice!
    Honest. But no, we will not be going anywhere near that place ever, ever again.

    Note: This is not because I am in any way shape or form anti-gay, its because the music was rubbish and the beer was poor quality :wink:
  7. About bloody time Suits, time for another massive pissup in the legendary City that is the Brumopolis.

    November please , will be back by then hopefully. Totally up for the H4H angle. Turnout always good for Brum, and the crawlers tend to be good around Beer too.

    Are we going to crawl this time, or just go firm in a cheap pub with great beer, followed by that excellent Curry house?

    Dr. Matelot, a scandalous slur Sirrah, it wasn't myself and Suits that suggested that club if you remember, it was the drunken Dorii with us. (And the drunken Engineer bloke)

    I'm also not the one that got to wear a c**k as an Epaulette :D I'm sure there are still photos knocking aroud of that night...

    Bouncers weren't overly amused by that. You putting your name down Shippers?

    Suits - Nautilus might be good for a kick off and a spot of fund-raising, will have a quick recce tonight about Squaddie friendly pubs up on Broad Street. Mind you, raising money for Forces Charities might do well down in the Pink triangle.

    Have a mate who runs a boozer down there last I heard, I'll sound him out too.
  8. I've gone for 21st Nov. I don't think I could handle Brum and London within a week of each other, considering I am still blowing from Friday.
  9. Said curry house is now open till 5:30am. So no need to worry about that one.
  10. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    I can come along if its the 28th, cant do the 21st ;o)
  11. I will go to either London or Birmingham if its in November or early December.
  12. Oi,how dare you call me a nag! :wink:

    Just used a little bit of charm.Maybe a little bit of nagging. :D

    On a plus point i know brum now so no finding a security guard to take me to the hotel,or even worse being told to stay in lost property and dont move :oops:
  13. I could be up for a trip to the second city.
    I might have to stay in Solihul though :lol:

  14. Me neither...i'll be wearing my Mummy pants on 21st!
  15. The Mem Sahib and I might well be up for it, whatever the date. Eldest lad lives in Solihul having just moved there from the Jewellery Quarter. Will see how things pan out. ARRSErs have clearly made a very good impression on she who is worth her weight in gold as she's up for it too!