Proposed ARRSE "Yellow Pages". Good idea or not?

Arrse Yellow Pages. Good idea or not?

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Ladies and gents

I have spoken to the CO’s recently reference starting some sort of free “Arrse Yellow Pages”

Basically this would give a form of advertising your business to other ARRSE members, probably in the “Outside The Wire” forum

This would be a simple list of business names, a short description of the services and maybe a website link. I personally intend to offer discounts to ARRSE users and serving Mil, I only think it would be fair for others to do the same but obviously this would be voluntary.

There is no competition with paying advertisers or forum sponsors as this would be a simple list that you would physically have to navigate to to look up your required service. Exactly the same as either having a free listing in the real Yellow Pages or having a paid advert.

The CO’s have kindly OK’d this and have asked me to get some input from any interested parties.

Now, there will obviously be issues with maintaining anonymity if, like me, you are a complete throbber one here sometimes but also happen to be a professional business owner that has a completely different work persona.

I’ve thought this one out and the best way I can see of doing it is to let either one of the CO’s or a moderator of your choice verify your identity and link to the business, therefore ensuring that any listing is genuine whilst carrying on the anonymity of the user. I have no issue with this personally as both CO’s know who I really am, my company name and even it’s address, none of which I have a problem with.

So, can I gather your thought on this. Any sensible (therefore excluding anything MDN may say) suggestions will be very welcome.

Voting on the poll will get us an overall feeling for this from both businesses and potential users of such.


AS :idea:
Would we also be able to include some way of recommending/grading any service/advertiser? (without making seperate threads clogging up the main board)


Book Reviewer
Being perfectly honest, it wouldn’t be my first port of call simply because Yellow Pages = local but as a back-up / alternate list of possibilities it’s a good idea.

Could always categorise the listings into separate areas, Scotland, W. Midlands and so on?
See this as first class idea. Whilst it is obvious that Yellow Peril will be more comprehensive (experience, funds, org) I'd look in the ARRSE one first and hope I'd get a result that might help someone ex-forces
Good idea and supports those of us that are trying to build or run business's. I for one think it will prove its worth on many levels.
msr said:
I wasn't aware of that site, however looking at it there are only 17 UK based companies advertising. You also have to register to browse some categories.
Personally I'd rather use Polish workers. They're cheaper and most of them have more military experience than 90% of arrsers.
theoriginalphantom said:
msr said:
I wasn't aware of that site, however looking at it there are only 17 UK based companies advertising. You also have to register to browse some categories.
Same here. I had never heard of it and neither had anyone else I know. You're right when you say it doesn't seem to have many UK based companies on it.

The idea is more of a member to member scheme. I have already secured a few jobs of here from people I have got to know, so there is definitley potential for both new clients for the businesses / self employed and for the end users to get discounts etc.

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