Proposed ARRSE Ulster crawl.

ARRSE NI Crawl,interested?

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Can't think of a reason not to. It's nearly christmas, there should be loads of scantily clad tottie with all those work do's going on, I've leave still to take and I've had a shit year. Pint or dozen sounds good. Count me in.
Am loved up with Mrs K (a School Teacher) she has quite a few younger girlie singly teachers (ex Stran/QUB/UUJ) who would fancy a bit of craic in town. If you fancy a decent run ashore please send a PM to me or spike7451.
spike7451 said:
If you're interested,due to security we'll arrange date's/times/local by PM.
On reading the first post, I admit to thinking that you had lost it, Spike!


But I hope you can arrange something!


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