Proposals for Air Weapons Licensing in Scotland

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Blogg, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. Proposals for Licensing Air Weapons in Scotland

    Words fail me.

    "There is no "right to bear arms" in modern Scotland. For those weapons which are needed we should seek to implement proper, proportionate controls over them."

    Proportionate? Looks like total overkill to me
  2. Bringing it in line with NI then .
  3. The whole thing has been brought forward by a clown with a true hatred of firearms. Once again, its the looneys running the asylum, directed by that most virtuous guardian of public morals, the daily record, toilet paper that it is.
  4. Presumably 'arms' includes knives, so that's the skean dhu gone for a ball of chalk...

  5. The SNP have to (rightly) deal with some of the special mongs that we have up here. Sniping from high rises etc. some of the tools have been playing too much COD.
  6. I blame "Trainspotting"

  7. License for Airguns... nice little tax probably be around £100 + to make it pay.. No dought Brit gov will follow that ... muppets..

    That will really stop the knobbers who are abusing the air weapons...
  8. With respect, the POLICE have to deal with the mongs.. which I wish they would..

    Most SNP politicians, like any other politicians, have great difficulty in finding their arrse with both hands..

    This makes about as much sense as banning alcohol.. nice idea, but impossible in practice..

    ... I will give you a fiver for every Mong that buys an airgun licence - they may be mongs, but they're not THAT stupid..
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  9. Maybe they should issue all Scottish people with a license to breathe? Why the **** not?
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  10. I at one time had one webley air pistol one air rifle that was in 1961-62 before i joined up and thay both needed licences i had a shotgun licence as well !.when did these licence stop .I know (think they never stopped for shotguns) i was not bothered anymore when i joined as i fire my share of smallarms and bigger ,But seriously i think there should be stricter control on all weopons if only to stop the knob heads or at least try
  11. A weak attempt for a weak 'government' to play grown-up; and good evidence that the SNP will legislate against anything and everything to be 'independent' of Westminster

    Its also a useful back-door tax when paying for all those obese meths addicts in Glasgow
  12. The problem with that is that it doesn’t stop the mongs. Most dont give a rats shit about the law and budding entrepreneurs will soon feed the demand for air guns in the same way that they have done for hand guns, hard drugs and everything else the pious have tried to ban in our name.
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  14. There is sufficient legislation in place to deal with that already, if the police bother to deal with the scrotes. Now, if the threat of five years at her Majesties pleasure is not a deterrent does any sane person think that a licensing will make a bloody piece of difference?
    Regarding the child that was shot and killed with an airgun some years ago, the general public and the fire service had been shot at for some forty five minutes before the fatal shot. Nobody had reported what was in effect a firearms offence to the plod! With that mindset there is no hope.
  15. Did these muppets learned nothing from the 'handgun' ban? Complete waste of time and money.