Proposal to reintroduce Eurasian Lynx back to the UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by re-stilly, May 28, 2013.

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  1. plans are afoot to reintroduce the Eurasian Lynx back to UK, now many people (and I am one) believe there are big cats already roaming the UK countryside so would introducing them really help cull deer and would they decimate shoots?

  2. The first time a farmer kills one for attacking his livestock the RSPCA will shit a brick.
  3. Looks like they think they have it all planned with remote sedation in the collars, but what if the cat throws the collar or it stops working.
  4. Paul Lister the rich bloke who own half of Scotland want them and Bears and Beavers reintroduced .He alrady has Moose, Musk-Ox and Elk and Wolvarines running about on his estate .

    I think its a great idea.
  5. It will give the Toffs something else to shoot at.
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  6. I have to admit reintroducing a top level predator does have an appeal, as I said I believe we already have a number of big cats in the UK. We do need a means of control for deer and other herbivores and surely this is just another tool to do so.
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  7. They will be wanting to reintroduce Mammoths and Sabre Toothed Tigers next ;-P
  8. Can we not just shoot the ******* instead of risking a news headline of 'Cub Scouts body finally found after savage Lynx Attack.'
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  9. MY wife is from my plans to re-introduce the Eurasian Lynx are already underway :)
  10. What about cougars?
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  11. Interesting programme a few nights ago about he reintroduction of Wolves to Yellowstone Park, Initial reaction by adjacent ranchers - total massacre of our herds and the bison too! Actual result, restoration of the natural balance that existed in the park pre-white man. No effect on the bison (too risky for wolves); control of the number of coyotes; reduction in the overpopulation of moose (and healthier animals as a result) An end to overgrazing of river banks by the survivors. and the natural resturn of beavers and other wildlife for the first time in decades. But I don't see the logic of the lynx - it must have died out in Britain before even the wolf
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  12. TBH, Lynx Voodoo and Lynx Africa have suceeded in attracting nothing but housing estate scutters so Lynx Eurasia has a mountain to climb if I'm going to be buying it any time soon.
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  13. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Wolverines are not indigenous to the British Isles, he doesn't have any, he's been attempting to get permission to have wolves on the Alladale Estate, and whilst the Wildlife Licensing Commitee are all yeah, the Council aren't - afaik he still hasn't got any on the estate:

    Alladale Wildlife - Alladale Wilderness Lodge and Reserve
  14. Based on what?