Proportions of exercise and diet to give more weight loss

A close friend of mine can't lose weight, even though she's quite fit and exercising most days. An average week for her includes 2 x cycle to work (34 mile round trip), another 15 mile cycle ride, a 1-hour circuits session and at leat 4 sets of tennis, usually 5 workouts a week. She doesn't run, and doesn't like it. Her problem is that she's not losing the weight she wants to, despite counting points on a well-known diet programme. I don't think that she's yet at the point where fat converting to muscle is having a real influence on the weight numbers.

My question is, what proportions of exercise to diet have the best influence on weight loss? I know people can lose weight without exercising, but can you lose weight while exercising without strenous self-denial at the dining table?

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Nope - you have to cut down on the pies as well and women have a very tough time of it when it comes to shedding pounds.

On weight watchers - most women I know were on about 16 points - which is the equivalent of 8 cubes of a chocolate bar. They ALL struggled.

I on the other hand being male and 6'4 was on 32 points. The whole exercise thing had very little effect - go for an hour run - ok now you can have a small apple! Oh great...
The only way to loose weight to to eat healthy like hell and excercise like hell.

Diets are crap. Body goes into starvation mode and holds on tightly to fat reserves because it thinks hard times are ahead.

Best advice I can give is to ALWAYS eat at least your daily guideline amounts, and then train on top of that.

I lost 3 stones by eating like a horse.... but cut down on the fat intake. A lot of people will tell you to wholegrain foods, and for the best part of healthy eating this is good advice, and wholegrain foods are great for post work out meals, but pre work out meals benefit more from the quick release energy you get from white carbs.

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