Proportionate Representation

Having had a few lagers I decided to vent my anger on my local MP (I had to use google, as the individual had provided such a valuable service, I would not of recognised her even if she had offered me a handjob).

Having seen her picture, I am glad I was not that desperate. But if they ever offer that service on the NHS (I have seen the films), I would ask for it on prescription albeit from this lady.

Stormy Weather

Anyway I was like most, sick to the back teeth (as is everyone else of the thievening news) I decided to email my local MP and vent my polite disgust.

This is the content of the emails:

Dear Rt Hon Rosie Winterton,

I served full service in the Military. During that service I was unable
to claim for things such as boot polish, trivial I know, but it would seem that you and your cronies are able to claim for anything from shoe
laces, to dog food as well as weed killer and gardening services. The more blatent amongst you it would appear can claim for a whole building.

This is the small limit of your greed. You are all a bunch of thieving gits. I

You should all hold your heads in shame, you thieving gits.

In any other profession, your colleagues would be arrested, tried and
convicted of fraud.

I am utterly, utterly disgusted.

Yours in disgust,

So much for civic duty.



Dear Notty,

Thank you for your email. I am sorry for the delay in responding to you.

Would it be possible to have a phone number on which you may be
contacted, in case we need to get in touch when responding to the points
that you have raised?

Yours sincerely,

Communications Assistant
Rosie Winterton MP for South Yorkshire Central

My response:

Thank you for your reply.

Respectfully and thank you for the offer but I really don't see the point.

I would draw your attention to the link below.



Can anyone tell me what voodoo curse these people expected to possess that might make me change my mind?
So you wrote a pointless email, wasted somebody's time, and bottled out of following it up with a conversation?

I'm sure your MP holds the military in a higher regard after your efforts.

You've had your bluff called and bottled it.

Did it require even more lager lubrication before coming-out on ARRSE?

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