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House Price Crash

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Property Bee

The above are just a few links that may prove useful. Shout up if you know of any more.

*ArmourPiercingFinStabilisedDiscardingSabotDepletedUranium PLC accepts no responsibility for content of outside links, (especially the forums). Remember the value of your investment can tank 15 to 50 percent.

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That's a useful list. Well done!

I am not certain that now is the time to buy property unless it is a bargain and you are taking a 10 year view.

But I did see a 10 year mortgage @ 4.99% the other day. The deposit required was 40% and the fees were >£2k IIRC, which struck me as a bit steep.

However, I might argue that 4.99% fixed for 10 years is a pretty good rate if you are remortgaging and are planning to carry on living in that house for the next 10 years! I would like to see 3.99% for 10 years. And I reckon I will see that 'ere long.

I wouldn't touch property for investment purposes with a barge poll. Unfortunately I need somewhere to live as my Colour Service is up.

I left off all the economics/financial sites as they're a mindf*ck in themselves.

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