Property Investment Company. Samuel Leeds Ltd. Research before buying paid for training!

I am aware of a Company called Samuel Leeds Ltd (based in London) who are a property investment education company.
They 'offer' paid for training to non-property Investors to teach them how to acquire property with 'no money down' techniques and several other strategies.
Whilst done correctly and legally there is nothing wrong with these property strategies, however this particular business has recently been featured on the BBC programme 'Inside Out'. (Which I will link)

There is alot of controversy surrounding this business and property wealth creation industry as whole lately mainly because it is un-regulated.

What also has brought this into light is sadly an ex-serviceman Danny Butcher recently commited Suicide. Whilst no-one is blaming the suicide on this company or Samuel Leeds himself it is felt by many including Danny's family that the un-regulated nature of the property wealth creation industry may have contributed to his decision to end his life.

The video also highlights very questionable sales techniques by said firm.

I am raising it here because there are lots of service personnel about to leave the forces who are getting involved with this firm (and a few others). I am aware of Gurkha personnel coming to the end of their 22 years getting interested in property as a new career and paying for very expensive courses to get into property when in alot of cases this information is free online.

I personally have no axe to grind with Samuel Leeds Ltd as at the end of the day personnel are free to choose how and where their money is spent. All I'm saying is do some research on property education companies before spending £Thousands£ on courses which promise quick get rich returns in less than a year.
Property Investment can be a very lucrative business however it must be done correctly, legally and is definitely a long term business.
For the SNCO's and Troop Commanders amongst you reading this, if you aware of any of the younger guys who are thinking of leaving the forces and have expressed an interest in property, please point them in this direction.

All the best everyone and please do your due diligence on any company offering quick financial freedom.
Buyer Beware!

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Only 1 person makes money & its Samuel Leeds, dubious business practices, hard sell & not regulated, allegedly.
If it sounds too good to be true then it is, if it was such a good deal why share it with others.
I have been fixing up houses for 30 years now, a happy accident in my case. However, there is no easy way to make money in the property game at the ground level, which, lets face it, is where we as squaddies step into the game. You need money, you need skills and you need luck, plenty of it, I have fallen flat on my face a couple of times literally just about managed to walk away with the money I invested in a project, but with nil return for my own months of working on the projects..........sometimes the property market crashes and there is absolutely nowt you can do about it.

If it is a business you want to get into start out with buying one on a mortgage to "live in" fix it up whilst you are living in the place, control your costs, do the work yourself and hopefully walk away with a profit. You need a job to get a mortgage, so you will be working nights, weekends and holidays on the will kill you.

Three bits of advice I can give:

1. Get off to college, learn some skills and save the big buck$ by not having to pay trades to do the work for you......thats your profit you are spending.

2. Never ever buy a house to fix up so that it will be the most expensive place on the patch, buy middle of the road places on whatever patch you choose to work in. The reason being is that sat in the middle of the road the house you buy can always go up in value, buy the most expensive place and it may be overpriced, or have reached its price ceiling.

3. Do not attend any of the "become a property millionaire" courses, FFS I could teach one: Invest your time and money in learning some practical skills and buy a book, or two about property development on @mazon. You'll learn more and it will definitely cost you less.
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We have a petition to get these companies regulated for anyone who agrees.but won't let me put a link on can someone help on here
I also tried to add the petition but it would not let me. Moderators, can you assist please?
Also I have a link to the BBC article regarding Army Veteran Danny Butcher that I feel people should be made aware of.
Thanks in advance.