Property fraudsters sent to jail for up to seven years

BBC News - Property fraudsters sent to jail for up to seven years

Two men from London have been sent to jail after being found guilty of defrauding two banks, Allied Irish Banks and Bank of Scotland, of £61m.
Achilleas Kallakis and Alexander Williams, both 44, were sentenced to seven years and five years respectively, at Southwark Crown Court.
"AIB and BoS have undoubtedly acted carelessly and imprudently by failing to make full inquiries before advancing the money," he told the court during sentencing.
"Indeed the latter bank was given clear and precise warnings by its lawyers about the risks of accepting assurances in a letter from an alleged co-conspirator, a Swiss lawyer
Due Diligence my Arse!!

Multiply this offence by many many thousands and it's easy to see how the 'wheels came off' and Banks fell over

Bankers pay themselves bonuses and demand a bailout to keep them flowing.

Who are the fraudsters?
We keep being fed bullsh*t about how it's necessary to pay bankers a king's ransom in order to attract 'top staff'. Well if their top staff gave £750 Million to a pair of plausible shysters with previous then I'd hate to see what the lower echelons are like. Isn't it about time we saw a number of bankers being led off in chains to work out how they were going to pick up the soap in the 'Scrubs without bending over, instead of the usual backscratching 'never mind old boy, we'll look after you'?
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