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Property fraudsters sent to jail for up to seven years

Discussion in 'Economics' started by geezer466, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. BBC News - Property fraudsters sent to jail for up to seven years

    Due Diligence my Arse!!

    Multiply this offence by many many thousands and it's easy to see how the 'wheels came off' and Banks fell over

    Bankers pay themselves bonuses and demand a bailout to keep them flowing.

    Who are the fraudsters?
  2. We keep being fed bullsh*t about how it's necessary to pay bankers a king's ransom in order to attract 'top staff'. Well if their top staff gave £750 Million to a pair of plausible shysters with previous then I'd hate to see what the lower echelons are like. Isn't it about time we saw a number of bankers being led off in chains to work out how they were going to pick up the soap in the 'Scrubs without bending over, instead of the usual backscratching 'never mind old boy, we'll look after you'?